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" We are what we think.  Everything we are arises from our thoughts.  With our thinking we create the world"  Buddha.

Workshops on this page please scroll down for further information.  Death and Dying and the role of the Psychopomp. Hollow Bone,  Shamans Path.  Journey Skills.  Soul Retrieval.  Shamanic Extraction.  Wisdom of Words.  Behind the Masks.  Shamanic Retreat with Nepalese Shaman Bhola Banstola. Shamanic Practitioner training. Munay Ki rites the sacred transmission of these rights. Healing with Spiritual Light.  Medicine For the Earth.  I am a Sandra Ingrrman trained teacher & listed on Sandra's

Journey Within. Shamanic Group.

Come and join me for some shamanic fun. Learn how to journey within ourselves as we explore ancient shamanic traditions, how to follow the path of the heart and direct revelation.  I aim to share my experiences with a group of people who are willing to look inside themselves for what they are looking for in life to make them happy. All too often especially in the western world we are looking outside of ourselves for our joy, we need that car and house then we will be happy, we need a better job more money then I will be happy, if only I could lose weight I would be happy.  We hold the key to our own happiness inside ourselves.  This group will unfold in its own way over the weeks, however I plan to do some meditation, drumming, smudging and have plenty of laughs.

I hold a group in Camelon, Falkirk once a month.  Cost £10. Contact me for further details please.  With enough commited interest I will hold a shamanic group in Camelon Education centre after the school summer holidays.

I also travel to venues and hold workshops.  Prices would be amended to include my travel any overnight stays and any venue costs. I Can do longer if that is peoples preference.  Please contact me if you are interested in me coming to your area.

I am also approved by Sandra Ingerman to teach Shamans Path, Medicine for the Earth, Soul retrieval, Death and Dying and Extraction.  If you are interested in learning any of these workshops please contact me and suggest dates.  There are prerequisites to most of them.

I have a bluebird dreamweaver facebook page where I post my events.

 ALL Deposits are non refundable.    I may transfer depending on circumstances and how many times I have transferred for each person.

Due to my sensitivites to mobile phones I ask that they are not brought into the workshops.

I normally prepare a simple lunch of homemade soups for all workshops, please bring along food to share or if you have a specific diet if this is your preference.

As I am flexible with my dates sometimes some have not been changed and two courses look as though they are running at the same time, if you are unsure please let me know and I will amend

I price on a sliding scale for my workshops; with Jobseekers Allowance being the lowest priced.  Employment Support Allowance- low income.  Working min wage - up to High Income.  Please be honest with your wage, I will ask for proof of Jobseekers and ESA.  I thank you for respecting this.


Journey skills workshop 1 day 10 am - 5pm / 6pm.  May 19th 2019,   October 6th 2019.  Or if you have a preference of dates I am happy to accomodate to the best of my abilities, I also can do during the week if this suits people's needs better.  I also travel to venues.

Numbers limited to 6. SPECIAL price of £50 per person for more than one participant bring a friend and both have the £50 per person special price, also paid in full prior to workshop (non refundable) after that prices revert to -- £80 Medium Income/ single person. £70 Low Income/ single person. £60 concessions/ single person. Repeats £15  ALL DEPOSITS are non refundable or returnable. The remainder of payment is to be made on the day of workshop, before workshop starts. Please do ask for dates for this day I'm happy to do groups or individual days to suit peoples needs.  I can work with bigger groups if you have the venue. For bigger groups prices would be lower per person.  Learning to navigate the 3 worlds a shamanic practitioner uses, upper world, lower world and the middle world.  Learning how to enter non ordinary reality (NOR) to conect and comunicate with our ancestors, power animals, and guides.  The very beggining of building amutually beneficial and respectful relationship with our guides.



MUNAY KI RITES   Universal Love Energy.  I do this on request.

The nine rites of the Munay Ki are transmitted in person by myself.  These sacred shamanic intitiation rites are brought and gifted to us by the very beautiful Q'ero shamans of the Andes in Peru.  The rites of the Munay-Ki are: The 4 foundation rites :- The Seers Rite, The Harmony Rite, The Bands of Power, The Healers Rite,  The  Lineage rites are:- The Daykeepers Rite, The Wisdomkeepers Rite, The Earthkeepers Rite, The rites of the time to come are:-The Starkeepers Rite, and The Creator Rite.  More information is given on each rite as they are recieved, we recieve the rites in seed form and it is up to us to grow this seed.  Fire ceremony is used to grow the seeds of the rites.

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of a new human appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, Homo luminous.

The Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-the karmic & genetic programs and beliefs you inherited.  They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

“The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.” – (Alberto Villoldo, founder)




 Sacred teachings of Nepalese-Himalayan Shamanism      Edinburgh, Scotland  June 2020.      


Bhola Banstola Nepalese Shaman welcomes you along to this magical residential workshop to immerse yourself in his indigenious healing and mystical traditions.


Prerequisites: A working knowledge of shamanic journeying is required. Maggie offer's in-depth workshops in shamanism and shamanic journeying, in Falkirk . Please contact directly for details.

The Teacher: Bhola Banstola is a Nepalese Shaman, born in the foothills of Mount Everest in the district of Bhojpur. At a very young age, he was chosen by the spirits of his ancestors to carry their message and healing traditions and recognised by his elders. Bhola received his training from his grandfather who was a skilful and well-known local shaman. He has also studied shamanism with different teachers in Nepal, Northeast India, Bhutan and parts of Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Bhola was educated in Nepal and India and has conducted extensive research on shamanism within different ethnic groups and traditions in his native country as well as in India and abroad. Bhola has spent long periods with Shamans in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet being a bridge between worlds and cultures. He has made a documentary of these healing arts, and has been working and teaching all over the world, including his native country, Asia, Europe and America.

To book your place, or for any further questions, please contact using the contact page.


Sandra Ingerman's testimonial

"Bhola is an extraordinary shaman who is carrying down a beautiful tradition that he was initiated into by his grandfather. Bhola is a true example of a shaman who can walk into a room and uplift everyone and transform by his presence of light and love. His teaching style is filled with love, clarity, truth, wisdom, and humour. Everyone I know who has studied with Bhola has loved his workshop. And it is a true gift to receive a healing from Bhola. Do not miss any opportunity you have to work with Bhola!"

Sandra Ingerman is a shamanic practitioner and shamanic teacher, and author of 10 books including .

"Soul Retrieval" and "Medicine for the Earth." 




DIVINE MAGIC OF ONENESS HEALING DAY.  Numbers 6 max.  Any day you choose please ask me.  Unable to make those dates ask me and I will provide other dates, this includes weekdays.

Join me on this unique day of connecting with our divine light that shines within each and everyone of us.  A beautiful gentle day of healing and destressing, where we can leave the world of worries behind for these few hours.  Treat yourself and or a loved one to the magic of transfiguaration, a beautiful gift of transformation, experienced by Sages, Shamans, Mystics and Gurus.  A gift that is open to everyone, create lasting peace, bliss and harmony for ourselves, by shining the light of our own divine selves.  Experience oneness during this afternoon of joy.  Special price of £50.


Camelon, Falkirk.   (please contact me for exact destination)  If you would like to come along to this workshop please contact me with dates you are available.  Many thanks.

All deposits are non refundable. 

HOLLOW BONE.   20th  21st  September 2019.   Cost £200, high income,  £180 medium income,  £150  Low income ESA,  10-5pm.  Prerequisite journey skills.  Numbers limited to 6. Deposit £50  Repeat £50  or other dates if I'm asked and on request, can do during the week also, and I will travel to venues.

This is a brand new course I have been guided and delighted to write up.  I am guided to write this shamanic workshop for the increasing interest in shamanism, and its a great starting point to see what being a shamanic practitioner is all about, we will learn how to keep ourselves safe.  Build an altar, call in, meet and connect with our guides and a view of the 3 worlds Shamans use.  A light hearted fun loving look at where we want to go with shamanism, if it is really for us.  As we step into the alternative realities one of the 3 worlds of non ordinary realityof a Shaman we become a bridge between the worlds to bring forward healing or for divination for others via our guides or ancestors; to do this we have to be grounded and have a look at the path ahead of us.  This requires we also look at ourselves.  As a result we may become much happier in our lives, as we reconnect to the ancient call of the shamans heart and re connect ourselves to Nature and rekindle the passion within our own souls.


The Wisdom of Words.  April  13th 14th 2019 August 24th 25th 2019. Prerequisite Journey skills.  Numbers limited to 6. These two days are open to anyone with Journey Skills.

10am - 5pm. and 10- 2pm  Cost £200 high income.  £180 medium income  £150 ESA benefits income.  Repeat £50.   £50 Deposit is asked for, ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE I may transfer depending on circumstances.  Balance of workshop is to be paid on the morning prior to starting the workshop, this honours and respects my teachings.

Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become,


Keep your words positive, because your words become,


Keep your behaviour positive, because your behaviour become,


Keep your habits positive, because your habits become,


Keep your values positive, because your values become,


Mahatma Gandhi.

The ancient cultures knew about the power of words, in some like ancient Egypt the power to manifest was so strong they were very careful as to what words they spoke aloud, and often spoke in coded language. Hebrew and Sanskript are vibrational languages, the vibration of a word goes up into the universe and comes back down as a physical manifestation.

A look at how we use words and the effects they are having on ourselves, others, and the environment; also what is happening in our inner worlds and our outer world. We create as we think, everything starts with a thought.  Are our illnesses a result of this thinking.   We are in a continous dialogue within, so a great way to have a deeper delve into what it is we are creating in our lives.  What were we really thinking there. Do we really want that belief system to manifest into your reality. Or has that belief system already become your reality.  A fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and use these to change what we want to be in the future. A fun filled experience with many laughs and much humour.  This is a an adaption in part of Sandra Ingermans work and my own research.

A shamanic journeying work shop, bring along drums, rattles, notebooks and blankets and water bottles.

Please contact me for further details and or have a look on my bluebird dreamweaver facebook page.

Due to my food sensitivities I ask you to bring along food you want to eat.

Camelon, Falkirk.  (Please contact me for exact location.)  If you are interested in doing this workshop please contact me and suggest dates, I'm more than happy to run any of my workshops any time.

10am - 5pm  Cost £200 high income. £185 medium income £150 low income ( ESA Benefits). Repeat £40.

£50 Deposit is asked for, ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE I may transfer depending on circumstances.  Balance of workshop is to be paid on the morning prior to starting the workshop, this honours and respects my teachings.

Behind the Masks.  Prerequisite journey skills. Maximum amount of people 6.. (The shamanic practitioner one is different)

A fun loving shamanic workshop, on the masks we are wearing in our lives. A look behind the scenes of ourselves to bring us understanding and harmony for the masks we wear on a daily basis. Using our journeying skills to connect with our allies to aid us to peel away our masks, so we can step into the world as our beautiful true loving self.  This workshop was created by my guides after I was noticing how many different masks I had been hiding behind during my life.  During an intense period of self discovery, peeling away and healing the layers of my inner world all these masks in this workshop were shown to me.  The masks that were positive and the masks that were detrimental to my well being.  A fun loving look at how we can become our true authentic selves, leave behind what no longer serves us, without giving ourselves the hard time we in the modern society have become so adept at doing.  Be ready to take the next step into a vibrant future with our soul shining brightly. 

Please contact me for further details. Or with a request for me to run this workshop on a date thats suitable for you. I will also be posting this to my bluebird dreamweaver facebook page.

“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.” 

―  Saint Francis of Assisi

GIFT TO OUR GUIDES. December 2019 Cost £60.  £50 concessions.  Prerequisite journey skills.

A shamanic workshop created by myself to celebrate the winter solstice, in an unconventional manner. We are so often used to recieving at the festive time of the year, and many of us along this path have asked for guidance over the course of the years, our guides give to us tirelessly and rarely do we think to offer the gratitude or a gift or a healing to our guides.  So this is a perfect opportunity for us to give something back in thanks.  With love appreciation and total joy.  A heartfelt day of thanks.  please ask for more details on the venue if you are wanting to come along.

DEATH, DYING AND PSYCHOPOMP.  October 19th 20th 2019.   If you have a preference for dates plase ask me and I will accomodate to the best of my abilities.  I can also do weekdays and differnt times as well as travel to venues.

10am - 5pm.  (2 days) Prerequisite journey skills. Cost £200 high income.  £180. medium Income. £150 low income/ ESA benefits £50 repeat. Deposit £50 Included in the price stated, non refundable. Please contact if you are interested in doing this workshop.  ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE I may transfer depending on circumstances.  Balance of workshop is to be paid on the morning prior to starting the workshop, this honours and respects my teachings.

This two day workshop takes a look at how we can be of help to those who are ill and getting ready to pass from this life into the realms beyond. In our society we have for too long seen death as a failiure instead of the beautiful transition it is.   The role of the psychopomp also, the word psychopomp meaning leader of souls. A shaman works both with the living and the dead. An exploration of death and the dying process as we have become so afraid of dying, a look to see using our shamanic journeying skills how we can dissolve these fears for ourselves and our loved ones.  A look at how  a persons spirit gets stuck  and becomes an earthbound spirit.  Making peace and resolving any unfinished buisness with those who have already trancended this life.This is a Sandra Ingerman training, that I am approved to teach. I also add lots of my own experience as a psychopomp into these 2 days, and specially for those who are able to see ghosts and would like a better understanding of the possible reasons, or are seeking  protective methods as they are afraid of the earthbound/ghosts , I add in the methods I personally use. Please bring along blankets, notebooks, drum/rattle and water bottle.  I will provide a simple vegan lunch.  However you are welcome to bring your own along too.  Numbers are limited.  For those who don't wish to participate in pschopomp (passing earthbound spirits into the light) I can seperate the teachings, please let me know if this is your preference.

SHAMANS POWER PATH  . On request.  Prerequisites Journey skills,  10am-6pm  Cost £200 high income.  £180 medium income,  £150 Low income ESA benefits, deposit £50 to secure your place as numbers are limited to 6.  £50 repeats. ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE I may transfer depending on circumstances.  Balance of workshop is to be paid on the morning prior to starting the workshop, this honours and respects my teachings.

This course is part of the shamanic practitioner training . (Prerequisites Journey skills and Hollow Bone, depending on experience.) In these two days we will discover the worlds of non ordinary reality that shamans travel to for healing methods, divintation on behalf of the self or others, to meet and talk with spirit guides and spirit animals. Discover how to unlock our hidden talents for healing and rediscover the magic of divination. We will meet our guides and power animals in these two days and experience giving and recieving a power retrieval.  Journeying skills are required  on this amazing weekend.  With journeys to the upper world and the lower world meeting and connecting on a profound level with our teachers, guides and power animals, a necessary first step on the ladder to becoming a shamanic practitioner, skilled in the ways of the ancient shamanic practises of traditional indigenous shamans. Buiding a working, respectful, honouring relationship with our guides/gaurdiands/allies/ancestors/power animals.  A sense of how we give our power away, steal power from others.  A weekend of shamanic fun in safe space to delve into the magic of standing in our own power.   Please bring a note pad.  Interested please use the contact form to contact me for booking.  Many thanks, look forward to meeting you.

Due to my food insensitivites I ask that you bring along food you prefer to eat.

HEALING WITH SPIRITUAL LIGHT  2 days. To be announced. 10am - 6pm £200 high income.  £180 medium income. £150. Low income.  Repeat £50.  People who trained with me £40  £50 Deposit is asked for, ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE I may transfer depending on circumstances.  Balance of workshop is to be paid on the morning prior to starting the workshop, this honours and respects my teachings.  PREREQUISITE JOURNEY SKILLS.

This a beautiful gentle weekend shamanic workshop, we will learn the very heart of shamanic methods of transfiuration and transmutation, a wonderful training by Sandra ingerman where we also heal our personal toxins along with the environmental and plantary ones.  We will invest ourselves in becoming our divine selfs, the true divinity that shines within ready to shine out into our world.  A true gift of profound healing through the ancient shamanic methods of toning, filling with spiritual light,  allowing our radiant light to come forth and touch the divine all around us, shining out into the environment.  In healing ourselves we heal the beautiful earth we all live on creating a truely wonderful future for our children, the birds, the bees, the plants, the trees, and the animals.  "This training is based on and includes some of Medicine For The Earth information. Healing with Spiritual Light teaches how to transform personal and environmental pollution by learning how to transmute negative beliefs, attitudes and energy which is generated by emotions.  The process continues with learning how to work in co operatrion with Helping Spirits and Ancestors of the land as well as getting in touch with ourown internal divine nature to create healing and transformation." Sandra Ingerman.

Please let me know if you would like to do any of the above mentioned workshops, as I can and do put them on for interested people, normaly on a Saturday, but if this is unsuitable I can do a weekday, contact me and let me know. I am more than happy to change dates or add dates as required and requested.  Many thanks.


Sandra Ingermans trainings that I am approved to teach.

SHAMANS POWER PATH.  Prerequisites Journey skills. On request.  In this workshop we learn how to journey to meet our allies / power animals and journey divination work. We travel into the worlds that a shaman uses, the lower world, middle world and the upper world.  We will continue to form a harmonious relationship with our guides/teacher in human form and power animal.  We will have a look at where we lose power where we give our power away and where we steal power. The meaning of true power. This is a training workshop and you will give and recieve a power retrieval.  How does the shaman view illness and so much more, lovely food, lovely company and some laughs along the way. Rediscover how we can benefit from unlocking our hidden talents for divination and healing. Prerequisite Journey skills. Hollow Bone.  Repeats £50 

MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH.  6th 7th 8th September 2019.  Working with all elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, looking at how to transmute and transfigure, environmental and personal toxins. Prerequisites Journey Skills.  This is an amazing 3 day workshop with the power to transform and change life for the utmost benefit of everyone and the Earth.  I can add in the Healing with Spiritual Light to make it 5 days if prefered, please ask me. £305, High income  £255 Middle Income, £225 Low income.

HEALING WITH SPIRITUAL LIGHT.  To be arranged please ask for dates if you have a preference.  2 days £195.  Repets £50 for those who trained with me repeat price £40. This training is based on in parts Medicine For the Earth which teaches how to transform personal and environmental toxins and pollution. by learning how to transmute negative beliefs, attuttudes and energy which is generated by emotions.  The process continues with learning how to work in co-operation with the spirits and ancestors of the land as well as getting in touch with our own internal divine nature to create healing and transformation, using the same process as Saints Mystics, Shamans and Sages,  of ancient times.  Reaching inside ourselves and drawing forward our true shining divine lights to be all we can be here in our Earthwalk.  Prerequisite journey skills.

EXTRACTION.  Advanced training, on request, please ask me.

In this workshop we learn how to pull and remove intrusions, harmful thought patterns, illness, and blockages form the body. Using transmutation methods to transform that which has held us back. In the ancient way of the traditional shamans. Freeing ourselves and our clients to live our lives in harmony. Only teaching this within the practitioner training, unless you have trained in everything else with another teacher or Sandra Ingerman. If your unsure please ask me.  Prerequisites journey skills,  shamans power path, soul retrieval, wisdom of words, behind the masks,(£190)  Repeats £50 for those who trained with me repeat price £40

SOUL RETRIEVAL   12th - 16th August 2019 Advanced training with prerequisites journey skills and shamans power path, on request for others repeating please ask. 

5 Day workshop. Deposit £200. (£495, repeats £200) (special price for those who trained with me £125) In this workshop we look more in depth at soul loss and how it affects our well being. Another amazing powerful training. A truley magical in depth 5 days of ancient shamanic ceremonies of healing, a true understanding of the concept of soul loss, we will learn the beutiful gift to the world sandra ingerman has brought forward with this profound work, we will each give and recieve a soul retrieval.  Get a better understanding of illness from a shamainc perspective.  We will have many ceremonies with fire lighting our way into the true heart - felt love of a shamanic practitioner.  A beautiful gift of working with true integrity for the benefit of humans, animals and the Earth. Learn what our  souls into the world to do.  I allow people who have already trained in Sandra Ingermans work to do this with me. So far I am only doing this in the practitioner training.  If your unsure please contact me.  I also welcome repeats for this wether you trained with me or not. 

DEATH AND DYING.  Prerequisite Journeying skills. Dates above

Shamanic practitioner apprenticeship. Dates arranged with those who are interested to fit with your schedule.

 The prerequisite for this training is Journey Skills.

The workshops for the shamanic practitioner training:-

  A 2 hour healing session with myself in person (does not include distance or depossession work).   Hollow Bone ( 2 days)  Wisdom of words (2 days) Shamans power path (2 full days)  Healing with spiritual light, (2 days) email work. Soul retrieval, (5 full days) Behind the masks,(2 full days)  *Extraction (2 full days) *Death and Dying (2 full days) Graduation. (1day, )   Please be aware that the practitioner training is training, you do not experience the full benefits of  the 2 hour shamanic healing sessions on the training. This is why I insist you do a 2 hour healing session with me, this way you know what your client will experience and what to do.  On the practitioner training you will be working in pairs and have 20 mins each then back to focus of the training.  Apply to me using the contact page please if you are interested in this. (*Optional  Death and Dying.). Each workshop/course is paid for seperately. Unless you are certain you want to commit to the full training as no refunds will be given. Local B and B's are available, in Falkirk for those travelling.  We meet every 2 months approximately or when is suitable for everyone.  Other than the winter solstice as travelling etc  is challenging, we have an email session here.  If anyone does want to meet at winter solstice I will put on the workshop of Gift to our Guides. (Price reduction for courses that are already done that are on the list.  By application only.  I only work with small groups of people. 6 maximum.  If you would like to pay each course seperately i will accept that and can give you the price list of individual workshops.  I have a spare room on a first come first served basis and possibly 2 sharing.  This training will have continuous evaluation throughout.  You don't have to do it all at once I would however ask that you follow the courses in order.  I have the right to end teaching if I am guided to proceed no further with you. As you have the right to leave when you are guided to. 

Please contact me via the contact form on the website if you are interested in any of these workshops. Each workshop paid in full on the day of workshop. ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE. Balance of workshop is to be paid on the morning prior to starting each workshop.


Cetic New year Celebration.   October/November 2019. 10am - 5pm.  Cost  High Income £80, Medium income  £70 Low income £60.  A ceremony of celebrating in the new year and in the heart of what we would like to happen in our lives for the coming year.  Like seeds being planted our intentions grow in the dark ready to burst forth into the new, however we have to prepare the ground of fertility, to grow our dreams.

WORKING WITH THE ELEMENTS, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. To be arranged.  A look from a shamanic perspective at working with the elements, of Air Water Fire and Earth.  We may very well be outside.  Please contact me for further details.  These days are for anyone who does not want to be a shamanic practitioner, although shamanic practitioners are welcome.

SACRED SPIRIT TRANSITION / Depossession.  The shamanic practitioner training is the pre-requisites. September 2019 2 days 10 - 8pm  £200 High income - £180 Medium income - £150 Low income. This is advanced shamanic training. This will be an experimental workshop using shamanic methods to remove in a compassionate and loving manner possessing spirits, these earthbound spirits may be ancestors, they are mostly lost and confused.  We will look at how a possession happens, where spirits attach themselves and how to remove them. An in depth look at the whole topic of possession and the removal of the earth bound that are trapped here, in a respectful manner.   This is an advanced shamanic workshop, with prerequisites of the shamanic practioner course.  I have been working closely with my guides to bring this material forward to those who are ready for this work. 


I have been made aware over the years that people love shamanism and would like to have a sacred spiritual healing retreat of shamanism, held in a safe container for these few days I will follow my guides guidance and instruction as to what is most needed for this healing retreat.  We will weave our hearts and joy together to release what we no longer need ready to invite in the new, shamanic fun and sharing in community, with like minded people.  Perhaps some story telling.


 ISLE OF BUTE -  Medicine For The Earth Shamanic retreat.   A few days retreat can have the Sunday included for staying if this is your desire. £300 2 night stay . £350 3 night stay. Deposits  £180; non refundable or transferable; will be essential as numbers  limited to 10, unless you want to camp, rooms will be shared based on 2 sharing or more if you are coming as a group.  Please bring along food to share as this price is the lowest possible.  For those who are able bringing your  towels would be a great help .

This training will investigate how you can work in cooperation with helping spirits and the spirits of the land—as well as getting in touch with your own internal divine nature—to create healing and positive change.

With spiritual practices and learning how to shift our consciousness, we can add to all the brilliant environmental work going on today. But we must learn the power of integrating spiritual work into our daily lives."  Sandra Ingerman



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