"To be enlightened is to be intimate with all beings and to treat them as sacred" (a Zen master)

Maggie's passion is to help people of all walks of life, regain there inner beauty, reclaim their passion for life, to empower them. By journeying on the clients behalf she will use the shamans method, working with her guides and power animals to reclaim lost essence; or by removing energy/essence that no longer serves a positive purpose and restoring them to harmony. Maggie has also done workshops with Native American Medicine Woman Maria Trevizo and Medicine Man MorningStar. Maggie has trained with many wonderful teachers such as Sandra Ingerman, Peruvian shamans, Nepalese Shaman Bhola Banstola, Dr David Hamilton, Heidi Sawyer and she has completed Sandra Ingerman's 2 year teacher training in May 2016. She is happy to supply a list of her teachers. Maggie is an experienced healer, and works in complete confidentiality, with integrity. She continues to work on her own personal  journey of healing on all levels.  Maggie supported her primary shamanic teacher during his shamanic workshop teachings for over 7 years.  She has now moved into her own teaching role.  Maggie has now completed her Munay Ki mentoring 2018 a journey of development and shamanic inititation, that has taken 7 years.She is able to pass on the sacred Munay Ki rites to anyone who is feeling the call and the time is right.  Maggie is a member of the Global Shamanic Teachers network, shamanicteachers.com

As Maggie does continue to train and do workshops for self healing she is away from home, and computers.  She also has limited mobile signal range, so if contacting her by mobile please text rather than leave a voice mail. If e-mailing noting it could be a few days before she is at her computer; however she will reply as soon as she gets the message. 

And continues her studies with Nepalese Shaman Bhola Banstola, she also organises his events in Scotland.



The word 'Shaman', although a role indigenous to most cultures now, originally comes from the Tungus tribe of Siberia.  It means 'he or she who knows'. 'He/she who see's in the dark'. The practice of the Shaman is to restore wholeness, balance and harmony.  This is within their own life as well as clients, and to the earth; however clients do have to realise that a treatment is not a waving of a magic wand and they are 'fixed' they have a certain amount of work to do and a responsibility to regain the wholeness and harmony they are seeking within their lives.  A shamanic treatment helps us to do this.  Life is a journey of discovery and healing is part of this.  Overcoming our past traumas, hurts and upsets takes time and compassion for ourselves.  The healing journey is part of our life experience and in the growth we discover who we are along the way.  Sometimes it is better to combine the shamanic healing sessions with the mentoring service.  If you have a long term and chronic illness please be aware that it can flare up again as it begins to heal from the inside, long term illnesses took a long time to build up and often require more than a single shamanic session, the client is also required to follow the guidance given during any healing session.

Maggie started her shamanic training in 2009. She completed Sandra Ingermans two year teacher training; in May 2016 and is also listed on Sandra's  practitioner list at www.shamanicteachers.com website. Maggie was also personally asked to support Greg Gruber during his 8 day compassionate depossession training workshop in 2015.

Power retrieval and Soul Retrieval.

Shamanic healing deals with spiritual aspects of any illness, addictions, depression, and chronic ailments being among the symptoms of power or soul loss. We can lose power or soul our vital life force essence through accidents, abusive relationships, bullying, chronic illnesses and surgery. Also Death of a loved one and divorce. Anything that causes shock and or trauma can cause power loss and or soul loss.  For each person this is different, a wasp sting or falling of a bike as a child can also be traumatic. The feeling of something missing for soul loss; and the sense of being dis-empowered for power loss. A power retrieval can come back in the form of a totem animal guide for you to work with.  

Extraction. Maggie is trained in the skill of pulling an intrusion and or illness from a clients body using the same methods as indigenoius shamans use. This could show as blocked energy, feeling stuck in life, a knowing you need to move something.  This is also known as a spiritual intrusion, often we have had continued negative thoughts about ourselves and we send this energy to ourselves in the form of a psychic dart; this gets stuck in our energy field and becomes an intrusion.  A shaman removes the intrusion during an extraction  healing ceremony

Psychopomp means 'guide of souls'. A psychopomp helps deceased spirits pass over to the light. These spirits are trapped or stuck in places of trauma, like accidental death or sudden death.  With loving kindness and respect Maggie will help the spirit pass over into the light.
Traditionally the shaman would be the tribes psychopomp, they also guide the soul into the world and are present at a childs birth.  Maggie also does house or workplace clearances, moving the trapped spirit on, and clearing the energy to raise the vibration and return the building back to harmony.  Please contact Maggie for more details.

Depossession/Sacred Spirit Transition removes a spirit in or attached to the wrong body.The spirit will be passed into the light with compassion and understanding. (Please do not confuse this with hollywood horror movies.  They are beings who can be lost and confused and are happy and willing to go into the light.  They just need the help to do so). You can feel confused, do things that are not you, feel as though you are someone else, feel a deep depression, and or suicidal tendencies, this can be caused by suffering beings who have attached themselves to the client and are living off the clients energy. These are just a few of the signs she would look for.  ( Sacred spirit transition © requires,  3 separate sessions, approximately 2-4 weeks apart; each session paid for separately.)  Please see Maggie's blog entry an understanding of compassionate depossession for an more in depth understanding.

Shamanic treatments take approximately 2 hours each. Unless you are having a sacred spirit transition (depossession) treatment, these are separate sessions  of 2 hours each for the work to be fully complete. 

MUNAY KI :-  Maggie is now able to trasmit the sacred Munay Ki rites after a 7 year journey from her first shamanic inititation in these sacred rites to 2018 where she has sucessfully completed her mentor training of passing the rites to people who are ready.  These rites are not passed at the same time as the shamanic practitioner training.

Animal treatments. Maggie works with animals to great success, she normally works distantly for the animal, once you have sent her an up to date photograph and she has journeyed/connected to the animal and asked for their permission. Treatments are carried out over a few days, at 10-20 minutes each session.  Or you can decide to have a single session.

Nepalese Shamanic Treatment.

This beautiful, gentle treatment was taught to Maggie by Nepalese Shaman Bhola Banstola.  All the elements; earth, water, fire and air are used in a rare gift to rejuvenate yourself.

Feather and Stone, shamanic treatment.  This is another gentle shamanic treatment that works at a core cellular lever.  A true delight to give and recieve.  Stones hold spiritual energy and connection of fire and very ancient wisdom, they hold ancient power and when used in this treatment act like sponges, removing old energy from the body and aura.  Feathers also hold spiritual energy, and are used like a comb during this treatment.  Everything we experience is withtin our auras, using the feather and my connection to my guides and the spirit world I comb the aura with the feathers, to clear and transmute all the old energy of hurt, pain, anger, grief, fear, upsets and so on. Repairing, healing, cleansing and clearing and balancing the aura, is beneficial to any shanmanic treatment, or as a treatment on its own.  

ONENESS. - Transfiguartion .A uniquie gift for ourselves or a loved one, spent basking in the light and love of tonal healing.  Be guided along in a transfiguartion ceremony, and invited to experience our divine inner light helping us embrace this light and encourge oursleves to shine out in the world, like the shamans saints, mystic and sages do.  A truly amazing gift from ourselves to ourselves.



Before Maggie trained in shamanism she was a mentor, and is passionate about helping people build up confidence in there lives to go forward and live the dreams they want to live. If you looking for a longer time of support in your life try this service, whatever your background or spiritual life; Maggie will use her skills as a mentor, Life Coach, and also her intuitive abilities, to help you see where it is you want to go in your life. Using visualisation, meditation, and practitcal advice and guidance are ways forward to living your dreams. You do not have to be interested in shamanism for this. If you have trained in shamanism she is quite happy to set you on your feet with specific journeys you can do. Please note you will be required to do the required work asked of you. This could be a better option for people with long term and chronic illness, combining shamanic sessions of power retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction or depossession along with continued support for those who need it.  Long term and chronic illnesses took time to build up they can take time to unravel and heal sometimes painful conditions flare up again as they heal.  Please consider this if you have a long term illness.

If you would like more information on any treatment please contact Maggie on the contact page.  As people are not always able to travel Maggie also works doing distant healings to great success, she also works with animals distantly normally; again to great success.  She is also very happy to travel to your location.






I am now able to offer  Bachs Flower Remedy consoltations.  These beautiful and gentle and non invasive remedies are an enhancement to any treatment.  They can also be taken alone.  Following my guides guidance and working with each individual we can make a powerful personal remedy to help with whatever challenge you may be facing today.



Maggie has followed the Usui method of reiki. Reiki (ray-key) is Japanese meaning universal life energy/spiritually guided life force energy.REI is Japanese for'Gods wisdom or the Higher power' and KI means 'life force energy.' It is based on the idea that everything is energy. An unseen life force that flows through each and everyone of us. If our life force enrgy is low we become ill, tired, stressed etc.Reiki is a relaxing, calming method of using universal energy to restore, harmony, peace and balance to the client, for spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well being.
The client will lie on a massage bed or sit in a chair if preferable and Maggie will use her hands in a set of non intrusive positions on or above the body, whilst the client relaxes and listens to calming music. The client remains fully clothed so wear comfortable clothing. Reiki practitioners are not trained in medical diagnosis. Anyone can enjoy a Reiki treatment. Its amazing for animals and children. Reiki can be used in harmony with other complementary therapies or conventional treatments, and offers additional support during these times. Reiki is beneficial for everything, from just feeling restless to chronic illnesses. 
Maggie also has a Reiki Masters attunement in Usui Reiki , Violet Flame Reiki, and Silver Violet Flame Reiki, also Kundalini Reiki. Using Reiki methods Maggie can give the client a chakra balance and grounding. Reiki is normally a recommended set of treatments, to be of most benefit.

FREE - LITTLE DOVE SPIRITUAL LIGHT TRANSMISSION - Sundays 8pm - 10pm. please contact to be added to the list, I only do this with each indivduals permission.  I won't add anyone without permission, many thanks for understanding.  Donations are always welcome

Each sunday at 8pm - 10 pm UK time I will create a sacred space and transmit universal energy of light rays.  I will welcome anyone to join, you take responsibility for your self for joining.  I welcome peoples experience, I am not offering a continued dialogue to help people solve their issues on this service, it is being offered free for you to join.  Many thanks, kind regards and blessings.  The transmission of spiritual light is done distantly.  You are invited to make your self cosy, in a nice quiet space, and be open  welcome in the divine energy.  You need do no more than that, if you want to light a candle, have incense, and music ( peaceful music natures sounds are good) thats all good too.  I am doing them at this time in case people fall asleep.  Please do be sensible and not be driving.   I have a facebook page you can join if you wish, I kindly request that each person gives permission each week or can say add me for the next 3 weeks etc.  I will honour this.  I ask that no one is added without their express permission as its against their free will.  Much appreciated for respecting this request.  When contacting me can you say Little Dove Sprititual  Light Transmission so I understand the request.   Many thanks for joining  May beauty, peace, love  and harmony, flow gently to each of us, gently caressing our souls.


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