Hi Maggie, 
 I am not great describing exactly how great I feel, my best way is in colours... I feel like a rainbow of yellow glitter!!! I just feel fabulous! Actually, I only wish I had found you sooner! I have never experienced anything like I did in the session itself or felt so good so quickly afterwards. You are magical!!!   

I have been fortunate enough to recieve from Maggie, shamanic healing on several occasions both distantly and in person.  Maggie's intuitive approach is anchored in sensitivity, compassion, honesty, and positivity.  All of her healings have facillitated profound and deep long lasting life changes for me.  As a result my beingness and ways of operating in the world have shifted in transformative and beneficial ways.  I can not recommend Maggie highly enough!  Thank you Maggie for all the time and care you have spent giving to me and my loved ones.   New Zealand, Scotland and India.   Helen Claira Burt @hellies.goddesses

I have met Maggie many years ago at a busy spiritual retreat centre, she was a fellow student, assisting teacher and volunteer. She has created her own miracle of personal transformation, which has been gob-smackingly inspiring, to say the least. When I think of Maggie, I cant help but crack a big smile. Her grounded sense of humour is her greatest asset in my feeling,  enabling her to unknot any darkness and share the unwavering light, that is flowing through her.
I have had 2 shamanic sessions, given by Maggie over the distance. As I work as a Shamanic Practitioner myself , I am familiar with the techniques used in her work. She has facilitated amazing shifts and healing for me. I trust Maggie implicitly and will continue to work with her. Maggie has integrity and authenticity in all she communicates and offers to share. .  Sabine K, Manchester.
I am really grateful for your help. I felt it like a powerful shamanic healing session, and I have appreaciated very much your feedback. Thank you for your expertise and your strong approach to the healing, I have really felt it.
I feel more energized and positive already. I will follow your guidlines and give you some feedback in two weeks. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Love, xoxo  S.C from Italy

"What can I say about Maggie Carmichael and my experience of her as a healer? Well for a start Maggie is a wonderful woman. Very warm and full of light; and very deeply connected to Spirit. This connection Maggie shares with great joy, sensitivity and humility to facilitate significant, powerful and empowering energy shifts and transformation. I have been blessed by Maggie's work in a very deep and enduring way. I can sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend Maggie to anyone considering working with her. You will be so glad you did. Way above and beyond all earthly expectations. Much love and thanks to you Maggie for the blessing you are and continue to bring to me and others" -  Janet Millen, Glasgow

"I had a soul retrieval from Maggie in 2009, and I can honestly say it totally changed my life! Without going into personal details, let me just say that half an hour with her and her guides healed what 30 years of therapy and medication could not. I can most definitely, wholeheartedly recommend her as a practitioner. I am a changed person since she did the work; much calmer, more centered and grounded and so very much happier in myself, and since having the soul retrieval I have had no recurrence of depression, and have not needed any medication. Thank you Maggie!"'  - S.M, North Yorkshire.

"I wish to thank the wonderful Maggie for her strong words, kindness and guidance over the 2 days I spent with her, I still have moments with my demon rearing his head but with her help and that of guides that came during the journey I did at hers I am winning. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID" -  Debbie B, Aberdeen.

"A session with Maggie leaves you totally energised and you know “stuff” has moved. I personally would always use her and I am happy to recommend her to my friends. I have personally used Maggie for treatments for myself.  To clear my new house, and my place of work of old energies. I have also used her distant healing skills for my wee dog, who had had a stroke to great satisfaction; a few months later my wee dog was walking 5k" -   N.C Glasgow.

"I wish to thank Maggie for the amazing Shamanic work and Reiki that she did with me in my desperate weekend of need. I arrived at her place feeling low, troubled and full of doubts re myself and my relationship, and with her wise words and her guidance through journey,combined with a wonderful reiki session. I left feeling strong and able to go forth and deal with any demon remaining within me. I cannot thank this beautiful soul enough for her help." - DB, Scottish Highlands.

"I have been extremely fortunate to have been on several Reiki courses with Maggie over the past 3 or 4 years, and truly blessed to have received powerful Reiki healing from her with amazing results.  I recently watched Maggie perform shamanic extractions, unbelievable! I was in awe.  I felt I had been thrown back 100's of years to a Native American tribal gathering.  Maggie takes on the true spirit of these beautiful people and shamanic practice and works with pure love and integrity.  It has been a privilage and honour to watch Maggie grow with these wonderful practices, into such a dedicated, powerful healer.  Her light is truly shining" -   A Adam, Dunfermline.

"Maggie is an incredible teacher and powerful mover of energy.  She weaves her compassion and strong desire for all to be happy with her immense skill.  I can safely say that the healing work Maggie did with me, helped to shift a massive obstacle in my life creating much more lightness and freedom for me in body and mind.  Throughout the sessions with Maggie I had 100% trust in her as a person and a practitioner.  This feeling of safety was of paramount importance to me.  Her training, experience, understanding of these practices and love for the work really comes through.  I fully recommend Maggie Carmichael; her skill, patience energy humour and deep care really heals" -  EJH Edinburgh.

"We absolutely love the first dreamweaver we ordered from Maggie.  It was for our highly energetic toddler, who has always had sleeping issues.  The dreamweaver is not only beautiful to look at, but the calming energy that Maggie weaved in must have done the trick as he is definitely sleeping a lot better these days.  Since then, we have also bought a few of the small dreamweavers as gifts for family members who loved them too.  I think the heartfelt love and focused intent that goes into the creation of each one, makes them truly unique and special.  Completely different from commercially made dreamcatchers.  We will no doubt be buying more in the future.  Thanks Maggie"  -  Rob and Ruthy  McCauley, - chakrafit


"Dear Maggie. Just want to say a big thank you to for the work you did for my 19yr old horse Raaden. Before your healing he was very quiet and becoming more and more locked in himself and his spark was disappearing. Through your work with the spirit world you were able to find the source of his troubles and heal what was found there. Now he has his zest for life back! He is much brighter and feels at peace with himself. He now comes running over and with a big sparkle in his eye making wonderful loving noises! Thank you again.Much love" - Rachel and Raaden (2014) Cumbria. (You can see videos of Raaden on youtube horsecumbria.)

"Thank you so much for your excellent work - and for allowing me time to integrate (still doing it:)!)" -  Abby P,  Motherwell.

"I am so pleased with the lovely dreamweaver that Maggie made for me - personalised in colour of thread and choice of feathers, Maggie also worked with her guidance to find a suitable mantra to be woven into it. It is very beautiful and I'm so glad to have it during this period of Initiation / Transition / Expansion / General Excitement ..."

I visited Maggie for a shamanic healing last week, not really knowing what to expect (hmmmm, this seems to be a common theme in my life, ) and had a really lovely afternoon that again comes highly recommended. I felt very safe and comfortable with Maggie chatting me through the process and discussing what I wanted to get out of it, and then was very encouraged and comforted by the guidance that came through. It was a wonderful experience - practical magic. Anyways, get in touch with Maggie if you'd like to book in with her or order a dream weave" -  P, Aberdeen

"Sweet powerful Maggie!  We feel your dream catcher is not a dream catcher but a spirit receiver. Please step into the power of your creations and make them as such. Much love from Holland."

"I recieved the most amazing distance healing session from Maggie.  I was not overly sure that a distance session would work, nor did I understand it, anyways I went ahead and am gob-smacked at the results. I had been feeling out of sorts, drained of energy, couldn't sleep and had an infection in a recent surgerys stitches.  Can hardly believe its all gone, the infection cleared up, I slept soundly and have much more energy. If you are considering a distance shamanic treatment and your unsure, I recommend you go ahead. I'm so glad I did" -   Jason F, New Zealand.

Maggie has always held me with such love and support, her joy and depth of care radiates out from her as she works, she's a wonderful wild magical woman, who knows what needs to be done and gets on and does the job. My healing work with Maggie has always been 'at a distance' as I live too far away to visit. Whether it has been soul retrieval, extraction, depossession, reiki, all my sessions with her have been very powerful, and her guidance is always spot on. I am always amazed at the depth of healing and relaxation I have felt as I have been tucked up in my nest in my house whilst she has worked her magic on me from her house. My recent feather and stone treatment, which was over a month a go now is still working its magic through me. After a winter of not being able to let go, settling down for this session I was able to relax and finally let go. It felt like it opened the door into healing more of my heart, bringing much needed clarity of why and when I close, and enabling me to work through the blocks. Her work is deep and long lasting, and very much needed in the world today.......Dearest Maggie, deep gratitude for the love, laughter and light that you shine into the world. Love and Blessings to you on your journey xxx' Lara G Cumbria.

"A testamonial, for Maggie, a highly recommended shamanic practitioner.  After the depths of despair, I stumbled across Maggie and had the privilege (didn't feel like it at the time!!) to have a number of individual specific sessions with her.  No words could ever express the transformation she and her guides did for me.  If anyone ever requires some deep, compassionate and honest healing without the ego, this spiritual practitioner will change your life, to your highest good ever.  Blessings and thank you Maggie" -  Dianne Molloy Gower, Leicester.

"Dear Maggie, Thank so much for my healing session. I remember thinking on the way that I had so much going on I couldn't possibly expect you to address everything and I'd need to prioritise. So I decided just to mention a couple of things. Fast forward 30 minutes and there I was, over a lovely cuppa, giving you my version of war and peace! I was amazed that you not only picked up on everything I'd said but also on some things that I'd not mentioned, then you proceeded to help me with each one by performing a soul retrieval, power retrieval extraction. and more, all in the one session! Writing things down for me to take away notes, was genius - your guides must've told you I have a head like a sieve at times! Heartfelt gratitude for holding me in such a warm loving space, and for your fantastic humour and wit which was a tonic in itself. I'm still processing, but things have been much clearer and I can't thank you enough." - Grace, Kilsyth.

"Hey Maggie.  Many thanks for the special treatment I found it subtle in some respects but felt working on a deeper level. It felt as if things were being sifted through, the placement of stones and energy emitting from them was noticeable in a very pleasing way. It felt like electricity almost passing through different parts of my body. The feather work was lovely too. It felt very grounding and I felt secure throughout. I could feel various sensations of energy shifting throughout my body and as the treatment continued I felI into a deeply relaxed state. I feel much clearer in mind as a result and feel better able to adapt to circumstances I'm facing. I feel more emotionally balanced, focused and have less worry. I certainly feel a change has occurred, healing at a deeper level perhaps. Most enjoyable and would certainly be keen to have another treatment from you Maggie. Thanks again it was much appreciated and I am very grateful to you : )  I feel more centred, grounded and energised as a result of Maggie's special feather and stone treatment. Healing and harmony, continuing to unfurl, blissful! Many thanks Maggie." - Jenny Hill, Brechin Angus.

"The feather and stone treatment is a very gentle but magical experience.  During my session with Maggie I instantly felt some discomfort around my shoulders as if all the energy I had asked to move on bubbled to the surface.  Once I consciously gave myself permission to let it go the discomfort quickly gave way to a sense of being filled to overflowing with love and serenity. A week has now passed since the treatment and find that in place of anxiety and fear surrounding my current position, I am able to detach myself from overthinking and move onto things that bring me happiness and gratitude.  Even more surprising to me is that I find myself thinking less and less about the career situation that I asked to move on from. It’s almost as if I can feel parts of me reconnecting inside, which brings me great joy and have noticed how much I’ve been singing lately.  Even my cat has shown more interest being in my company listening to me sing when normally she would slink away.  There is space inside me now to bring into my life some new beginnings, a change of direction in my career and my life.  In the coming weeks I look forward to working with this energy to create the wonder and passion I’m looking for. My heartfelt thanks to Maggie for doing this wonderful treatment for me." - Clara, Stonehaven.

"I found the ‘feather & stone’ treatment to be one of the most pleasant healing experiences that I’ve been privileged to receive. It very much felt like a mix of shamanic healing and reiki. I was very aware of the energy and its focal movement points being where the stones were rested on my back. A bit like water going down a plughole – little vortices. With eyes closed (& lay on stomach) I experienced a rainbow of colours proceeding from the red through the greens and yellows to the violet. The energy movement itself was very gentle and it felt like it was balancing the energies around the auric field – which previously I was not really consciously aware of. Some of the blockage in my right shoulder also shifted, although some remains and this is an ongoing work in progress (and has been for over 2 years). I was also aware of the removal of some dark, stuck energy which we’d discussed beforehand. Since the treatment, we have travelled a round trip of around 1000 miles for a family funeral, a potentially difficult week. I have retained the auric awareness and a lot of the time when feeling stressed or unbalanced in any way I’ve been able to perceive what I assume is my energy field – feels a bit jelly like – and then have been able to consciously calm down the disturbance – providing I remember that I can do this. This is a new awareness for which I am extremely grateful and feel very blessed indeed. I’m not yet aware of the colours or appearance, but feel this may develop in time. For now it’s very much a sense of an extended part of self beyond the physical body. I’m now back home and refocussed on solving the career challenge – taking the additional advice – to break down the big intentions into smaller intentions – so that I can feel that progress IS actually being made despite it feeling otherwise up to now. This treatment has clearly had a very calming effect as well as giving me the ability to calm myself as a deliberate conscious act of will. Big thumbs up" -  Marc Taylor.





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