Hand made Dreamweaves


Your dreamweave is made individually for you. This gift for yourself or a loved one is a beautiful reminder for us to create the future we want to live in, the dreamweave is a delightful reminder of the dreams  and positive intentions we want to see manifest in our lives. Choose your colour, of thread and the mantra or intention and I weave it into the design. If you have feathers you'd like incorporating please let me know. These are woven into the design and I use no adhesives.  I use metal hoops made and purchased from Native American Reservations, to help them out of poverty.  The beads are from Uganda, made by women to enable them to get out of poverty, purchased from beadsforlife.  If you are uable to choose an intention or mantra for yourself, We my guides and I will choose one for you out of the vast range of mantras I have.  I tend to favour using the Gayatri Mantra.



Please also note that the items actually look better in reality. I'm not a very skilled photographer!! I Have more photos on my facebook page.


 If you do not like the item you can return it. Many thanks.


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   3 inch £15 green crow and pidgeon feathers.         




3 inch hoops £15 + p & p.  I currently only have 3 inch hoops,

4 inch hoops £20 + p and p

5 Inch hoops £25 + p&p

Please note there will be extra for postage and packaging, depending where the item is being posted will depend on the price. I can post these as gifts to other people for you.

I ask for payment before I make your dreamweave.

Each dreamweave is specially hand crafted for the individual, to the mantra/positive intention of your choice. This is a beautiful way for us to create the future we want to live in, the dreamweave is a beautiful reminder of the dreams we want to see come to fruition in our lives.  You choose the colour of thread also used.  Please note that the prices are based on one or two colours of thread being used, one colour on the outsideand a different colour on the inside. You can have just one colour if this is your preference too. I have a variety of feathers you can also choose from. Pheasant, seagull, magpie, crow, pidgeon to name a few.  I can also use feathers you would personally like to use.                     



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