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I am happy to paid in cash, cheque, or can send you a paypal request. If using a credit card for paypal payments I will add the £3 charge, that paypal charge me. I prefer not to use paypal, for ethical reasons.

I ask for a £23 deposit  (non refundable) to secure the date arranged, this is much appreciated; I also ask that at least 48 hours cancellation notice be given, again much appreciated as this gives me time to give someone else the appointment. I will consider transfering dates. Many thanks.  Deposits are not inculded in the price, you pay me the remainder when we meet.  If you are having a distance session payment in full is required, and appreciated.

These treatments are life changing and a joy to give and recieve, I can personally testifiy that the shamanic treatments I offer I have also recieved and they have been life changing, for me. Please also note that these are spiritual treatments, not quick fixes for people; you will be required to take personal care of yourselves, along with following guidance and doing the suggested work is all part of a shamanic treatment.  We work in partnership.  All of the shamanic practitioners I have worked with have had many, many shamanic treatments, themselves as we work through our own processes as well.  Shamanic sessions also work well with other therapies and medical professional services.  If you have a serious medical condition or are on lots of medication please state this.  Please also disclose if you have mental health conditions, I hold no judgements on this.  I am trained in Suicide Intervention.

For the low or unwaged I am happy to offer seperate payment options prior to the appointment, please ask for this when contacting me. Please note that all payments and deposits are non refundable.  If you are still unable to pay let me know what you can make or do for me in exchange, we have to have an energetic exchange.  Perhaps you knit, crochet, sew, garden, maybe your another holistic therapist and can offer me massage, craino sacral, herbalism, homeopathy etc;  everyone has gifts they can utilise, I am open to suggestions for exchanges.  We humans used to do this more often back in our tribal days, shamans and healers have always been paid.  The exchange is nessecary to stop ourselves under valuing our own self worth, time and energy used for treatments.  I no longer do the session prior to the exchange as too many people have not understood the exchange and not kept their end of the exchange, so please, please only ask for this if you really intend to exchange.

GIFT VOUCHERS, If you have a loved one who wants a treatment session or wants to do a workshop with me, I am happy to send you an email as confirmation of payment for your loved one with your special message also included.  Please only use this option if you know the person wants a healing session, as i always need permission to work in this way.

ALL SESSIONS INCLUDE THE TALKING TIME.  Please be clear in what treatment/s you are interested in.  If you are unsure I will ask my guides.  Shamanic sessions are not psychic reading sessions.  Please do not drink any alcohol at least 48 hours before and after a treatment.  It is also recommended that you allow yourself time to nuture and honour yourself prior to and especially after a healing session.  Homework is often given and life changes are required to support the healing session for maximum benefits.  I ask people to contact me two-four weeks after a session to see how they are.  If you require a high level of support with email and questions I recommend my mentoring services, see below.  Please also be aware that for chronic illnesses it has taken time to build up and can take time to be released again, flare ups can also occur, more than one shamanic session is recommended.  I personally prefer ongoing work as I find it more beneficial to us both and have worked with some people for many years.

Shamanic treatment; (soul retrieval,/ power retrieval,/ extraction)  ( Deposit of £23 is much appreciated, non refundable   included in price below)1 - 2 hour sessions. £150 High income. £100 Middle income. £80 Low Income.  £60 Unwaged /Jobseekers.  If unsure please ask me.  Free - Little Dove Spritual Light transmission sunday 8pm - 10 please contact to have your name added.

Soul retrieval/ integration/ soul release ceremony package of 3 sessions highly recommended. Soul retrieval and or Extraction, 1st session. Integration and meeting new soul part second session and a ceremony of soul release the soul parts that need to be released that we are holding onto, 3rd session. Please note these sessions vary as the guidance is different for each individual.   £300 High income. £250 Middle income.  £200 Low income.  £150 Unwaged.  Free - Little Dove Spiritual Light Transmission, please ask to be inculded, 8pm -10pm

NEPALESE SHAMANIC CEREMONY.  This is a beautiful cleansing ceremony including all the elements of earth, water, air and fire.  £100.

Animal treatments Animals also have soul loss and power loss, etc.  2 hour sessions in 15-20 minutes doses. £60. High income. £50 Middle income. £40 Low income.  £20 Unwaged.

Reiki ( Usui, silver violet flame, violet flame) treatments.  1 hour sessions £50 High Income. £40. Middle Income  £30. Low income  

Deposession/Sacred Spirit Transition  (Deposit £20 to secure date of session required and much appreciated, non refundable and  included in the price below)

3 hour session  £120 Middle Income.  £90 Low income.  £70 Unwaged .

2 hour session £90 Middle income.  £80 low income.  Unwaged £60.

Please be aware more than one session is often needed. Normally 3 sessions are required. Each session is paid for seperately between 2- 6 weeks apart. This depends on each clients individual needs.  

Follow up sessions if needed.  £120- £90 3 hours. £80-£60 for 2 hours or £40 for a 1 hour session.  These sessions and prices apply to Depossession only.  You will be required to do the work guided as these session can create massive life changes.

Psychopomp.  Please contact me directly for house clearances of trapped earthbound spirits. Prices vary for the size of the house and amount of work needed along with any travelling required.

Also contact me directly for death and dying work for people who are getting ready to die/and make the transition from this life and need to bring peace etc into their lives.  For those people who have a loved one who is already and recently died and requiring psychopomp (making sure they loved one goes into the light) free of charge.

ONENESS, transfiguartion ceremony

 High Income £100.  Medium £50. Low. £40 concessions £25.


HOUSE/BUISNESS ENERGY CLEARANCE  Most of the time we are moving into energies in old buildings especially but not spefically, as new buildings also have problems, sometimes the energy that is affecting the house/building is ghosts/earthbound spirits, sometimes its land spirits, often the old energy from previous tennants/owners is the cause of stagnent/hostile/stale energy within the property.  Most of the time it is a combination of the energies. Prices depend on the size of the building.  Travel and overnight stays prices are also added if you live a distance away from me.  I can also do this at a distance/remotely, in some cases.

DIVINATION JOURNEYS.  If you are unsure of which direction to take what to do or in need of some guidance, a divination journey may be just what you need. i will journey on your behalf and ask my guides for you.  £40.

Curse Unravelling. £120 High Income. £80 middle income. £60 Low income. Concessions £50. 2 hour session.

Feather and Stone aura cleansing.  1-2 hours  High Income £120. Middle income £80.  Low Income £60 Unwaged £40.

CEREMONIES for each occasion and individaul.  Cord cutting and forgiveness ceremonies are popular, however I am happy to ask my guides for a ceremony for each individual and the occasion you want. £190 - £80.  (Travel and overnight stays prices will be added).

CONTINUED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. / MENTORING SERVICE I have been asked so many many times over the years of supporting/staffing the shamanic courses also from my years of volunteering; for extra advice and help after the courses finish that I have decided to utilise my insights to work for both the person asking for my guidance and myself.  I have noticed that people can fall flat after they have been in the environment of the workshop, especially on retreats at holistic retreat centres.  This is because its not a natural environment for most of us, unless you are living there permanently, which would be amazing for the whole of the Western world.  So we have our amazing spiritual fix, back to the highs of the ecstatic, joys of the tribal community where we are free to be ourselves, loved and supported and nourished for who we are. Then  when home we flag and sometimes even crash, we then can start to self punish and ask why am I not good enough and the like.  I have helped many people with my perceptions, mentoring skills, my life coaching, and with this combined with my intuitive insights and my guides guidance, to step forward in their lives. I have helped to empower many people in leaving unsatisfactory relationships/marriages/jobs, remain in healthy relationships/marriages/jobs.  Step into an empowered self and say no to being bullied. Helped the homeless, the jobless, the lost and weary. I offer my ears and my heart to help support you.  Not everyone is into shamanism and thats ok, I can use other methods other than journeying. It also does not matter what your spiritual beliefs are. Or if you have been a long time on the spiritual path or just starting.  Feel this is for you?  Please contact me.  £30 an hour session, as many or as few sessions to suit your needs.  Any treatments you have are paid for seperately, treatments are not included in the price.  

PSYCHIC/MEDIUMSHIP READINGS   on request, only.  Please be very specific this is what you are requesting.  These are not shamanic treatments.


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