THE EQUINOX SHIFT  - Has it gone yet.
Well the spring equinox energy has been around for a while now, I was breezing it coming up to and on Equinox, yet the after effects have caught up with me.  Emotions are raw,  they were stuck in my throat the other day when I heard of a young girl being taken away from her mum after her mum had assulted her on mothers day because she was drunk.  I stood with tears in my eyes a huge lump in my throat and mouth quivering.  I'm always saddened to hear of children being harmed.  Even if it is their Karma to sort out. 
Then the emotions swing the other end of the pendulum and I want to go and shout in parliment and  tie myself to the gates as shout at the top of my lungs "You stupid bas**** cut down more trees, and ever more pillage the Earth for what ever she may have left, to wanting to concrete over ancient sites or plain place the motorway right beside  them.  Look at the f***ing oceans."  I can feel myself becoming bogged down and drowning in the stupidity of humankind and its pointless, mindless drive to destruction.  Lost and alone as everyone stares at their phone screens.  Angry at the ignorance of the local council just coming along and pulling up peoples trampolines and removing their washing lines without forewarning or asking permission, since when would anyone be alowed to do that to council property? The rage is rising like the tide pf plastic our fish are swallowing, the poison of the rivers from pollution and for what?  Oh lordy calm down dear.  A quick switch off of the trigger button to lets do a mantra for compasion change the rage energy.  I am indeed responsible for the energy I put out into the atmophere too. Like a big black cloud of toxic energy I can see spewing into the sky from Grangemouth.  I feel positively schizophrenic, (please don't tell my Doc I'm having another episode.) I sit in the laughing buddha bellied lotus position, and breathe Om Mani padme om.  I smile again as I watch the Crow who found a piece of bread sitting in the tree, I thank the tree for the air I breathe.  The sun shining on my face is warm and welcome, yet so are my thermals as the wind chill factor is freezing.
I feel vulnerable in the intensity of my emotions, the swinging of the pendulm to find balance in harmony eventually, maybe and maybe only briefly.  I am going to follow them today and allow this vulnerability to shine through.  Honour myself fully as the sadness and rage intermingle with the energy on the planet at the moment.  I read somewhere recently that the energy around feels like that of a battered woman, not the Earth herself just the energy that is about,  I understand that statement today.  Collectively these energies are passing through me, you, and everyone and I process them along with the laughter I had 2 minutes later as the school kids from about 4 or 5 classes  the funny faces they were making at each other to the silly walks all laughing and jovial going on their walk around the town, happy and free.  All to quickly we always want the none plesant emotions to move on. All to quickly we want to blame others for our emotions. Just for today I will surrender to this process and learn a little more depth of myself.  Live laugh cry and then dance and shake it off.  Its all part of being human so I'm told, but I'm an alien I whisper to myself.

Poundland Shaman.

After yet another article this week on Shamans, or actually people who have I think no idea about shamans or shamanism selling themselves as Shamans because quite frankly Shamanism is at an all time high of popularity. So from Rockstar Shaman to the rip off and abuse of the the sacred plant Auyahaushca in ceremonies and cruelty of the Kambo Frog Medicine for their poison,of which I know absolutly nothing;  next onto Udemy selling a course of Soul Retrieval training at a St Patrick Day discount for £12; normally, mmmm wait for the drum roll please, normally its only £75. All online was my understanding, and then to The Centre of Excellence also doing soul extraction! (gulp WTF is soul extraction? makes me tense up )  All for a very minimal price and well bless my soul you get a certificate so you can be insured to be let loose on Joe Public because the certificate and unethical online learning platforms, want to earn a buck or two. Seriously we need to look at this in our culture, where is the respect.  The respect of nature, the respect of a culture, the respect of indigeniuos peoples way of life.  The respect of ourselves.

So I kind of understand the sacred Auyahausca cermonies being ripped off by people so poor they have to earn a living, and the rich white westerners are willing to pay.  Yet I don't understand no care or concern for people who have had mental health issue or not have mental health issues wanting to experience the ceremony, then being able to stumble off and get left to die as a result. Or the many shamanic practitioners who are being contacted by people who have gone along to these ceremonies and ended up psychotic as a result.  Because the cermony hasn't been held properly by people who are not adequetly trained by the plant itself as the Amazionian jungle shamans would have been, for many many years is my limited understanding.  In truth I have only been once to the ceremony and it was held by a Amazionian Jungle Shaman who had to walk for 3 days until he connected with a path to come and do the ceremony. It was totally amazing I loved the singing of the sacred prayers more than anything, I wholeheartedly give my thanks and respect to the Auyausca plant medicine and the Amazionian Jungle Shaman.  I believe that the plant medicine of any sacred plant should be done in its Native country. I went with a group of people a spiritual shamanic trek of 3 weeks.  Over the years I have heard of many tales of people becoming extemely ill on these trips, to the point of near death.  Or ending up with massive spirit attachments of the very unpleasent kind, because the treking or training missed protection out, when asked about that the response is, "well if your are full of light nothing can harm you."  Unless of course the spirit is already there and you have already a very good understanding of being able to fill with light in the first place.  Not helpful if you are new to spiritual and or shamanic trainings.

People are being ripped off by very expensive holidays in the Jungle with fake Shamans, ending up extemely ill as a result for there £4,000 for a week or two;  or being sold DIY shamanic courses online. So in reality or my reality at least, if I do a £12 soul retrieval online course and get fecked over what should I do, turn to another poundland shaman to sort it? Or seek a real shaman? Are there any in the UK? Or a shamanic practitioner to sort it out. For free of course.  Would anyone seriously go and get their hair cut and dyed or styled by someone who had done an online course on hairdressing? For a few hours. How about trusting ourselves to an online trained and qualified, well they have a certificate, Dentist? Seriously can we see where this is heading, poundland hairdressing and poundland dentistry. The list and possiblities are endless. Hey presto I studied at an online learning platform and can now do major heart surgery, Its ok I have a certificate please come along I want to help on the cheap and you know NHS waiting times!! Sorry guys the same applies to each of us when it comes to doing training and being ethical and full of integrity to the best of our abilites. If we want a decent hair cut we go to those skilled at hair cutting, if we want teeth fixing we go to a skilled dentist.  This is where we have to take full responsibility for our decisions.  How about swimming lessons? I did an online  course because its cheaper?  Fancy having me teach you or your loved ones to swim?  No, now I wonder why that is.

There are some that say even 'Core Shamanism' is watered down shamanism akin to baby food, total mush. In truth I can't say it is or isn't. It has worked massively for me and probably saved my life, definatley my sanity, ( haha although that could be questionable too!)  This is the shamanic path I have been trained in, by Sandra Ingerman then on to her teacher training of 2 years and I'm on her practitioner list on her website.  I trained for 5 full days in soul retrieval none of it online, I supported the soul retrieval courses of 5 days a good 6 times I have taught it twice, given countless soul retrievals, and recieved many.  There is always more to learn and each person and session is different.  We can't baby people as they have to experience there own healing. Yet we can be responsible enough to get adequate training so we are not causing further harm to already vulnerable people. So if core shamanism can be considered baby food shamanism, by a few, then there to me would be absolutly no point in learning with Udemy or the Centre of Excellence, I have read this manual and its rubbish its only redeeming factor tells you to work with a real shaman.  If you can find one of course.  Next best thing a shamanic practitioner.  Who of course has been trained.

Perhaps its time to leave it all behind is my often thinking, get off the merry-go-round of marketing, hype, drams and BS. Yet it seems no matter where I turn there is this urgent need for people to get quick fixes at as little expense as possible. Like shopping in Poundland, less and less product for the £1 and more and more packaging.  Is this how we really want our health to be? Our lives to be.  Having people work on our traumas, hurts vulnerable issues and upsets that have trained in an online course that has honoured no-one or anything.  Time to get real we think we get what we pay for yet we don't really we have cons going on left right and centre, within the marketing world. Big hype, big lies and selling out of our soul, no wonder we need soul retievals now more than ever.  The it must be good because its £300 for an hour to the well its in my budget at £1.  We have to be respectful and discerning.  We have to have heart and intergrity for our selves, our indigeniuos people, our world, and our beautiful planet, and all its sentient beings, the animals the plants, the insects and the birds, the fish, the air, the water, the list is continuous.  Peace and blessing and thank you for your time to read this.  The birds are calling me to join them in the garden with the sun.

SIGNS AND SYMBOLS.  Shamanically speaking.
I was asked earlier this week to do an over the phone interview for Spirit and Destiny on 2 subjects the first one was a healing mantra and the second one was a symbol, I choose the crown symbol and shamanically speaking what it means to me.
So lets start with mantra's, I use mantra's alot in my crafting for dreamweavers/dreamwcatchers.  I happily have the person choose their own colour and size of dreamcatcher along with the mantra they like.  Mantra's are great for allowing our minds to bring in specific intentions into our lives.  So for crafting dreamweaves, if you are seeking protection I would recommend a protective mantra.  For healing a healing mantra, and you get the picture I'm sure.  Sometimes people don't know what a mantra is or what mantra they like.  Within reason I will put on and listen to their music of choice to energise the personal item they are having made.  I have in truth a very limited understanding of mantra's.  Man = Mind, and Tra = freeing, so as we listen along and chant the mantra this becomes for our short while a mind freeing excercise, shutting up the constant mind yap we have going on.  So we can create a lovely energetically clean space with incense and a candle, sit in our safe and scred creation and listen and chant along to a mantra to give us a few minutes space of mind chatter.  I would always recommend we pick the particular mantra for our particular manifestation, for example we would not want to be chanting along to a mantra that was inviting in a new life partner if we were happily married.  Manytas have been around and chanted for many thousands of years, they to my very limited undretanding are written in sanskrit.  If we go back many thousands of years we had to be careful of what we said as we could mainfest very quickly and easily.  I have placed all of my understandings into a weekend workshop called the power of words or  the wisdom of words.  This weekend is also part of my shamanic practitioner training.
The other subject was symbols, well symbols is really about our own personal inteprtation again shamanically speaking.  I choose to use the crown symbol as it has appeared to me for many years and I have always thought it had to do with Royalty like the Royal family, there fore had nothing to do with a lowly peasant like myself. Haha.  How wrong we can be, during my first shamanic practitioner training, I had one of my trainee's do a power retrieval on me, and the power returned was the crown.  Well here was the symbol again along with the lily you often see on coats of arms and associated with the French Royalty, again here I am no historian so I have a very limited understanding alothough a massive interest in symbols.  So back to the crown I was returned during a power retrieval, how amazing my next few months integration and unfolding of this symbol was.  The crown can represent so many things, and for me it was a journey deep within to own my own sovereingity.  Stand in my own royal and regal power, as in truth we all can do.  The crown contiued to grow as I shamanically journeyed and worked with the symbol allowing it to unfold and flow in my life.  The crown also to me was representing the crown chakra, and had been continuing my healing journey of 9 years where I was thrown into chaos as I had to clear all my overburdened chakras of the continued storage of upsets, hurts, traumas etc, nothing was let go off.  The crown eventually turned into a set of deer antlers and during a further training I was taking turned to my complete and utter astonishment into the Crone, the crone I later found out was the crowned one.  The crone also being an aspect of the triple goddess, maiden, mother, crone.  So with the Crone energy of the crowned one fully upon me now, I have to return inwards, look back inside of my self and return to a hibernation period of winter, an embracing of the crafting energy that has inspired me for a few months.  A whole new meaning for game of thrones likers of Winter is Coming.  Owning my own divine power, embracing the power of myself to create balance and harmony within.  Being sovereign is about intergrity, sacred harmony and balance for the earth and my soul.  The Crown can be a symbol of our ultimate quest of our human existence, to reconnect with our greater family, the cosmic family of light.  The Crown of glory is an activation of our spiritual consciousness.  
If you are reading this and are inspired to be creative, draw a crown of your choice and whilst doing so listen to the subtle energy of your inner wisdom speaking to you, to reclaim your own sovereignty.  Or you can meditate upon the symbol, and as always if you are able to journey please journey with your healing helping compassionate guides for information personal to you.  Love laughter and cakles from the Crowned one.


I recently went through the very painful condition of plantar fasiitis, and lordy did my feet hurt. Once I had a diagnosis of my extremly painful feet, on walking, throbbing when resting them and out and out crippling pain in the morning on getting up, I was relieved to start taking my health into my own hands. After all I am responsible for being healthy. So I started with excersises for stretching the muscle of the foot gently. It was recommended to ice the feet however I really don't like cold feet so no chance I ignored this recommendation, shelved it in the back of my head, would do so only if I really realy had to. Diet as always has to be looked at and a vegan diet would be best, but I have always felt constantly hungry with it, same as a raw food diet, that left me constantly hungry and cold, anyway each to our own, I eat meat on and off and tend to leave dairy alone; so still have to look at diet and as always with myself inflammation is an issue. Plantar fasiitis is also inflamation, so many of our ailments are inflammation based. Anyway I had been on a website of a Dr Weil and he actually made shoes, Vionic shoes, to correct the foot, part of the problem is we are wearing flat shoes, pounding along on concrete and are over weight, well the weight in my case anyway, although not for everyone Yes to all of them, hahaha, so nothing like doing things gently. I have never been known to do anything in half measures, so off I go order a pair of vionic trainers, brilliant, will follow along his dietry advice, I find in truth it is much better for me to keep a regular eye on acidic food in my diet, really have to have the alkaline foods in there. This will benefit the vast majority of us. Next along comes foot massage, brilliant so what anti inflamatry oils do I have on hand, pine oil, clove oil and peppermint oil, a great mixture for my lovely, much neglected and taken for granted feet. So I start doing a 5-10 minute foot massage each night before bed, on each foot, then place white socks over feet as in herbalism you can detox through your feet as well. Ahhh note for self to remember this insight, so next part of research herbs to help inflamation, top of the list Tumeric, thankfully I have some in, you do need the active ingredient of curcumin (Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric, and is also found in limited amounts in ginger. It is an anti-inflammatory molecule, and similar to fish oil, it seems to be a metabolic syndrome band-aid. It has poor bioavailability and black pepper greatly enhances absorption.** I copied this bit in bracets from an internet site can't recall the name though) I then went organic powder shopping, organic black pepper, organic ginger powder, organic tumeric. Oh and the must have organic raw apple cider vinegar. I already have empty capsules and my capsule making machine here, so whilst I wait the delivery of shoes especially for plantar faciitis, and my organic powders, I make some milk thistle capsule to aid my liver in the detox of inflamation from my body. And decide a bit of dry body brushing will benefit me in the mornings. I was also put in touch with an aqupuncturist. Saw the lovely guy yesterday and he basically said inflammation is a dietry issue, and wishes more people had taken my approach, as 2 months later I am pain free, can walk not hobble, and no more throbbing feet. Long may this last. As a shamanic teacher and shamanic practitioner of course I also had an extraction - removal of unwanted old toxic energy from my feet, during my recent shamanic training of extraction, this benefited me massively. So all in all I checked my diet and added more alkalising foods, added supplements of fish oil, mixture of tumeric, ginger, and black pepper in one capsule, milk thistle, and glucosamine sulphate, added organic raw apple cider vinegar in the mornings, did a little body brushing about a week also a week for foot massage, (well its christmas and things have been hectic so they didn't last long), then had a shamanic session of extraction. And all sorted now I appreciate my feet and the hard work they do supporting me. Well all on the road to being sorted and in truth much much better.  As always there is much benefits to be discovered in any recovery, and healing is the journey there more than the end outcome of the magic wand being waved and all is gone, no matter how many times we may want that to start with.  many thanks for reading.

Asking for what we really want.

Whilst I was in Nepal recently. I learnt a really subtle but powerful lesson. We were a nice sized group of 14 people. We went to many places visiting the Shamans who worked in their many different ways. One of the female shamans we went to see had recently come out of hospital herself and was back to opening her house up to the locals, and she very kindly and generously welcomed us along. There we all were squeezed into the small room, listening to our guide/teacher/host transfer the local peoples questions so we could hear the guidence given, I am amazed at the generousity. So we had each been asked to think of what we would like answered or would we like a healing instead. Set an intention basically, as a shamanic practitioner and teacher, I know about how important setting an intention and asking for what you really want is. I had plenty of time to think about it. But good lord could I think about what I wanted to ask, no I couldn't so my mind jumped to and fro phrasing the question this way and that way and any other way it came. Put on the spot I could not speak and ask for what I wanted correctly in front of 14 people. What did I want answered? Well I was in a stage in life we all come to and was questioning my role in life. Was I on the correct spiritual path? All roads lead to the divine so it doesn't matter pick one. Here i was at the proverbial crossroads again, after the removal of the negative entity for want of better words, I was able to notice all the flase guidance i had been given, and I knew the entity was there. After all thats why I was in Nepal to be free from it. However now I was confused although free and at peace, lost and uncertain as to my way forward in life.  Had I been falsley led onto a shamanic path by a greedy buisness, that only had there own finacial gain interests at heart, I had now spent over £80,000 on my training.  Or was Shamanism really the path I was to follow.

Did spirit answer this question for me as I was sat musing it over in my mind, when the small boy of 4 years entered the room and offered me the money meant for the female shaman?

So sitting in front of this lovely lady, who is/was one of the 13 indigenious grandmothers and who had so kindly invited us along to her house, I stumbled over my intention and presumed spirit would know what I was asking and direct me accordingly. I was wrong very wrong. My question was I was unsure of where I was in my life, not sure i was living in the correct area, unsure if I was helping my familiy or following the correct spiritual path. Seems ok when you look at it. I was given the advice back from spirit via the shaman, "You have done nothing wrong, you have done the best you can do for everyone, and you have done nothing wrong." I was then given a ceremony to do and told that the planets aligned at the moment were not in my favour, and here is the big lesson, "Your mind has made you ask this question", she responded to me.

Interesting indeed, my over thinking over analysing muddled monkey mind had made me ask this question. Some serious food for thought there, so I should have calmed myself breathed deeply and cleared my thoughts, and opened my heart to a question. The question was answered just not the way i wanted it to be or, in the way I expected. I could have asked for guideance on my way forward, however I learned a very valuable lesson.

A lesson I happily share with the event of Xmas and the New Year resolutions that we will soon be making, be certain of what you want to create and manifest in your life, by asking if it is for us we will recieve it.  So stating our intentions to spirit, creator, universe clearly, as i have been taught so many times, invites in what we want.



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