The Path Of The heart, Hunt like a Puma.
From the new year (2016) I made a declaration of the Soul "To let go and allow the divine to flow through me"  The very first guidance I recieved when I stated that I would do this was during the group i was with; we were  doing vision boards. I knew what i was not putting on my board again, if it hadn't manifested by now it was time to 'Let go of the dreams that do not support me'.  So I stared at the blank page for a while wondering just what it was i wanted to do in my life, Travel popped up for me, Yes travel indeed that would be exciting.  Travel where to? Where do you want to travel?  Yes, thats easy enough to answer, Brazil to see the 4healer John of God, and Norway to visit the Fjords and see the northern lights, amazing always wanted to go there.  Happy inside, smiling outside, we have a goal, whoo hoo.  So next we share our visions with a partner and i state travel, she asks me where to and i say Italy!!! I look confused, recheck my visionboard No, no Italy on there, and laugh here we are go with the flow.  Why Italy, to connect with St Francis energy in Assisi on 3/4th October.  Why? For the massive heart expansion that is going to happen, to me  and is happening on the planet right now.  I could feel this energy immediately, I was shaking and crying.  The same happened each time I spoke of going, and again when I booked my flights to go.  Even here now 6 months later I feel the hands trembling as i write these words.
 Being in the heart of love is so very needed on the earth right now, we have to come through our fears, ignorance and hatred and the like.
So flowing along through the year nicely and gently after the intense work of a few years allowing the feminine to come into me, become the feminine as such.  No easy work that was I can tell you.  I had a laugh with my teacher Stephen on my teacher training of Sandra Ingermans, he did a journey for me on romance as its the only thing i haven't manifested into my life.  Basic info 'Hunt like a puma!!'  oke doke as we would both say.  I had great laughs about this information with many many people it was indeed fabulous.  Puma being heart, strength and courage. "Puma – It represents the Kay Pacha, our earthly physical world. The puma is an animal that teaches us to live in an eternal present, without internal or external limitations or territories. The Puma is a totem animal that works with the willingness and the strength of the spirit. That is why Pachakutec rebuilt Cusco in the shape of a Puma. This means that in this sacred space or power field, the solar plexus, which governs all thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions and visualizations, is harmonized. The total balance of the physical and economic world is worked and healed, from the very micro to the very macro. It works with the crystal blue ray of divine protection and elevation of faith….. Llankay." ( taken from the internet not my words)."
So anyway jokes aside i was guided out of the blue to do the course with Don Alberto, Amazonian jungle Shaman, I wasn't doing this due to finanaces, also I was in Peru less than two years ago with Don Alberto doing the wonderful Ayahuasca ceremony there.  i had a massive heart connection with the beautiful Don Angelino from the Andes who we did our treks with and many other ceremonies, he even kissed me on the cheek after a ceremony in the moon temple!!! Oh lordy.  I plan on going back to Peru so why do this course now?  Why not wait and do more in Peru?  Indeed why not I asked many many many times.  I want clarity i declared as to why do this course now.  Well clarity I got, i asked a very lovely young man to do a divination journey for me and ask why.  He did and he got the guidance for me "Because spirit want you here."  It has taken a few days and more for this to sink in, some people are called to follow the shamanic path, this calling starts as a whisper, and gets louder the less we listen until spirit puts us on our asses, where we sre very ill unless we follow that call.  Ok I'm not the brightest button in the box, but I have it now,well partly!! haha and I am booked and doing the course.
So the reason for doing the course has opened up,  I am to heal my heart all those fears, hates, anger, hurts, grieff, sadness, guilt shame etc all of it needs to be cleared, as I journeyed and asked for release and guidance I was told I am a rose in the rainbow, this makes me cry, as its so beutiful and deep.  I was given a crystal from spirit back in 2010 a Labradorite - the temple of the stars crystal, the Milky way is a gateway in Peruvian Shamanism.  I had someone do a soul remebering journey for me on Sandra Ingermans teacher training, my soul is the centre of the universe, and showed up like the Milky Way galaxy.  I was doing mask and costume ritual and I choose to be St Francis and on the back of my jacket I sewed on stars to represent the Milky Way!!! Back in October I was given a gift by new guides of a rattle that was the Milky Way, the centre of the universe.  So this is where I am now, the path of the Puma, the heart of the matter with courage I release and unburden myself.  I surrender to spirit and my soul calling to be of service.  With Love grace and a touch of rebellion!!  ©bluebird-dreamweaver.
The Spiritual Path is Easy.
Every time I hear someone say this I raise my eyebrows and then laugh.  Hahahaha, if being on the spiritual path is easy then why is everyone not doing it??  If being on the spiritual path is easy why have I found it so challenging at times and wished I had never bothered to wake up, and opt to do everything I can to walk the spiritual path.  I could have lived on in ignorance that everything that happened to me, was someone else's fault. Blame them for the shitty life I was living.
So its easy to forgive the school bullies?  The unskillful threatening school teachers? The uncaring council.  The hateful police. The indifferent doctors. Its easy to work through the stuff to work to forgiveness and really mean it.  The rape, the mugging, the taunts, the abuse no longer bothers you?  So why do you continue to smoke canabis, take drugs, drink alcohol to excess, gamble, have numerous sexual partners, over eat, shut yourself away, hate everyone, and carry so much anger.  These are questions that cross my mind in these situations, without judgement I hope.  Lets face it none of us are perfect, and also are never going to be.  What is perfect anyway?
I have seen myself and my fellow brothers and sisters in floods of tears, shaking with rage, having serious panic attacks, sobbing like little kids, physically be sick, as they have worked through the stuff, that has bothered them to get to a place of forgiveness for the person or persons who have harmed them.  Until we eventually get to forgiveness.  We can't change what has happened to us, but we can change how it affects us.  One of the biggest challenges I have faced is what I have done to myself, when the hatred, anger, hurt, shame and rage turns inwards.  The one thing we trully have to do is so simple and that is LOVE, as my spiritual teacher Peggy Dylan said recently whilst a lovely group of spiritual seekers, breathed through the many challenges we collectively had, on the wonderful course of Spiritdance; without love no healing can take place at all.  
And there we have the simplicity of the spiritual path, to love and nothing else is needed.
All you need is love.  With this love the freedom is immense we feel inside our souls when we escape the prisons of our own making.  Love you all. ©bluebird-dreamweaver.

As I am walking along the pavements I quite often come across earthworms that have come up out of the ground, maybe because its been raining, they are on concrete paths and sometimes heading into the roads.  I always stop dig out my purse, and reach inside for my library card, or the council tax payment card, (it has other uses!!) and bend myself down normally talking to the worm, saying things like "come along little buddy lets get you to some grass."  I can't just walk on by them and ignore them, leave them to their fate.  I move them to safety.  I'm sure many people have seen me doing this along the streets and probably have a chuckle wondering what the crazy woman is doing in the rain poking about on the pavement.  I equally find people who do not do this act of kindeness a tad crazy, it costs nothing after all.  I have been doing this for many, many years, the worms are are buddies after all, we share this planet with them too.

I seem to have now also moved onto bees, I spent about 10 minutes last week in the town, trying to help a little bumble bee, who seemed to exhausted to move.  The dear little being could not get on my trusty card, as its too slidy for it, so I dug about in my rucksack and pulled out a t-shirt.  Bingo the wee bee could manage to crawl its way onto the t-shirt.  I became so involved with helping this bumble bee that I didn't really notice how many people where going in and out of the chipshop it had landed outside of.  I then walked about with the bee until I found some daffodils growing and gently placed the bee into an open hopefully nectar filled flower.

It really does lighten the heart to help our fellow creatures, if I was stuck out in the rain drowning I would want and appreciate help.  If I was lying exhausted, and in need of nourishment I again would appreciate the helping hands offered.  We live on this planet with many wonderful beings all inter related, depending upon one and other, if you have read this spare a thought for the next worm or bee you see, indeed any little being in need of a helping hand, send them a well wishing and a blessing.  May we all live our lives in harmony.


I am having more people contact me about being psychically attacked; and wanting a shamanic healing session for this.  So about psychic attack and what it is.  In my own words from my own understanding of psychic attacks. Have you ever had an argument, with your boss maybe, another collegue, a friend, a family member, and been unable to let the argument go?  You have sat and continuously gone over it in your mind.  Imagined a different outcome where you win or said something differently even slapped their face?  Gone over and over the same scenario in your mind before you went to sleep, again on waking, even although the day, for days, maybe weeks, maybe even months.  You have been psychically attacking someone. Maybe not even to this extreme, maybe wanted to shove the person who pushed in front of you with your trolley?  Yelled at the dafty driver and wished they would crash, serve them right too.  Wished harm on someone somewhere and somehow, well you have just psychically attacked someone else. Not a nice feeling is it to know we have done this.  So until we become more skilful with our thoughts, words, actions and feelings we are going to do this as is everyone else.  We have become a very judgemental society, we look at others and instead of rejoicing in what they have achieved, the new job, the lovely hair cut, fantastic car, house etc.  Even allowing other people to have a different opinion to us. We judge and throw psychic punches at them behind our false jealous smiles, so what can we do about this?  We become more aware of how we think of other people, and ourselves.  When we do this and are grateful for what we have and are truly happy and share and rejoice in another person’s success, we actually raise our own vibration and when this happens we open the doorway for us to bring our own success, whatever that may be.  As we complain about others with psychic attacks we need to look also at where we are doing this, we can not change another person’s behaviour only our own and how we re-act to it.  Most people are so very unaware of what they are doing to others with their thoughts. As each person is different and each session is different it is an ongoing process most of the time to unravel the wounds that have been caused by others and by ourselves, we also have to have a willingness to want to do the suggested work, to change our own personal outlook from victim mode to self love mode.  This can take many sessions.  Again each person is individual and has their own way of processing information and ultimately healing, so my advice for psychic attack is to not let it bother you; to the best of your ability.  When working with a practitioner following their guides advice and be prepared to have maybe monthly or 6 weekly sessions.  Invest in yourself and your personal healing.  Some people are going from one practitioner to the next to the next and saying the healing hasn’t worked, this is untrue, all healing takes place on some level, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.  A good practitioner is allowing their guides, allies, helping healing spirits, ancestors, power animals and or teachers to work through them, Creator is doing the work via the practitioner and guides.  So there is healing going on somewhere for each and everyone of us.  Even more healing going on for the planet and humankind, when we are aware of how unskilful we are being and we consciously put a stop to ourselves doing this.  We are only human after all so we do make mistakes, and still inwardly curse the person who irked us, so what do we then do?  We take responsibility and own our behaviour, then take it back, transmute the energy in simple ways.  Unsure how, then journey on it and ask your guides etc what is the best way for you to transmute your toxic behaviour.  Much love and many blessings to us all cleaning up our behaviour. Of course there are very very unskillful people out there who are deliberately and knowingly harming people on the psychic level, also psychic attack.  Again there is no quick fix for this it is an ongoing journey and many sessions to help the individual person help themselves, to do much inner work restoring harmony and balance and also doing protective work so this is prevented in the future, patience realy is needed, and a willingness to do the ongoing work.  © bluebird-dreamweaver.

The Healing Journey.  Another layer peeled and healed.

Have you ever got really annoyed, down right irritated, and hostile along with being frustrated with yourself. This time it is not the monthly’s!!  I have.  With the words in my head of oh for crying out loud just heal it, or let it go!!!  Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, head about to burst, aggravated with myself.   In truth this is really not helpful, it’s not kind and caring to yourself, nor is it compassionate again to ourselves.  The truth is some things just do take longer to heal than others.  PTS, sexual abuse, and eating disorders, being a few, have so much more going on than a one session treatment can heal.  This one session can help you immensely and miracles do happen, and more often than people think. I have witnessed people change their lives around after one extraction, or one power retrieval or one soul retrieval. Arthritis has gone, or Irritable Bowel disappeared. I have even done a few distant healings for people in hospital and at deaths door, the soul and or power returned and they are back full of life.  (Shamanically you always have to have the person or animals permission for healing sessions)  I most certainly came back from deaths door after one soul retrieval.  It gave me the vital piece of essence I needed to want to live my life.  It has taken a further eight years of continuous inner work, countless soul and power retrievals along with extractions and therapy sessions. To be where I am today, happy with my life and grateful to be alive.  I have now accepted that I will for the rest of my life have situations crop up that need to be healed, and looked at. Some like the layers of an onion, you think you have dealt with it, then a few months or years later up crops the same emotions, (oh lordy I thought I had dealt with this, tut, tut not again!!) to the same childhood situation, all we are then doing is peeling back another layer and if we really take note of our feelings, we find that reviewing the situation we thought had healed, is not as painful or upsetting as the first time we looked at it. Another layer peeled and healed. Until there is no more to do.  We can not change what has happened, we can change how we react to things though. Are we going to be held back by our emotional, mental or physical discomfort or move through it to the best of our abilities. There are times when we want to give up, times when we get frustrated and think for crying out loud how many sessions do I really need to get this sorted out once and for all.  Healing is also a journey like life itself.  Opening up a deep painful wound is not something we really want to do, that is why we have built up so many layers to cover this pain, anger, upset, fear, whatever it is that we are trying to escape from, however at times there is nothing else for it we have to look at what has caused us dis- harmony, dis-stress and dis-ease.  For the wound to heal we have to cleanse it out, not just stick a plaster on it and leave it. So often it is painful and leaves us open and raw, this does itself heal and leave us at peace within ourselves, this in turn allows us to have space to allow happiness, joy, bliss, peace or the many other more positive emotions we want to have in and around us.  Is life then a bed of roses and no more struggles?  No. 

We are here to experience life to the full, the ups and downs. All emotions, laughter, love, hate, rage, peace and bliss, happiness, sadness, grief and all the others not mentioned.  Sometimes in our most desperate hours we are gifted the depth of human kindness and compassion we would not have experienced any other way.  So being kind and patient with our selves is a lovely way to serve ourselves, no amount of forcing will make healing happen, sometime we have to surrender fully to divine will. To invite in happiness or peace or whatever it is we are looking for we first create the space within.  To create the space within we do the healing work required.  We let something go.

Creator nor God, or the Divine, or the Universe nor the miracle healer of Brazil John of God or Sandra Ingerman or little humble me can heal anyone or anything if that person, myself included is not ready to heal that situation; to forgive that situation, and ready to move on.  Again it is a process that is why some things heal quicker and in one session than other ailments presenting themselves.  Also bearing in mind that the Divine knows so much better than we do and the whole bigger picture of what is happening on the spiritual level in the background to get our desired results is far too much for me to comprehend or explain.  Hope you enjoyed reading, many thanks.  ©bluebird-dreamweaver.



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