The Healing Journey.  Another layer peeled and healed.

Have you ever got really annoyed, down right irritated, and hostile along with being frustrated with yourself. This time it is not the monthly’s!!  I have.  With the words in my head of oh for crying out loud just heal it, or let it go!!!  Teeth grinding, jaw clenching, head about to burst, aggravated with myself.   In truth this is really not helpful, it’s not kind and caring to yourself, nor is it compassionate again to ourselves.  The truth is some things just do take longer to heal than others.  PTS, sexual abuse, and eating disorders, being a few, have so much more going on than a one session treatment can heal.  This one session can help you immensely and miracles do happen, and more often than people think. I have witnessed people change their lives around after one extraction, or one power retrieval or one soul retrieval. Arthritis has gone, or Irritable Bowel disappeared. I have even done a few distant healings for people in hospital and at deaths door, the soul and or power returned and they are back full of life.  (Shamanically you always have to have the person or animals permission for healing sessions)  I most certainly came back from deaths door after one soul retrieval.  It gave me the vital piece of essence I needed to want to live my life.  It has taken a further eight years of continuous inner work, countless soul and power retrievals along with extractions and therapy sessions. To be where I am today, happy with my life and grateful to be alive.  I have now accepted that I will for the rest of my life have situations crop up that need to be healed, and looked at. Some like the layers of an onion, you think you have dealt with it, then a few months or years later up crops the same emotions, (oh lordy I thought I had dealt with this, tut, tut not again!!) to the same childhood situation, all we are then doing is peeling back another layer and if we really take note of our feelings, we find that reviewing the situation we thought had healed, is not as painful or upsetting as the first time we looked at it. Another layer peeled and healed. Until there is no more to do.  We can not change what has happened, we can change how we react to things though. Are we going to be held back by our emotional, mental or physical discomfort or move through it to the best of our abilities. There are times when we want to give up, times when we get frustrated and think for crying out loud how many sessions do I really need to get this sorted out once and for all.  Healing is also a journey like life itself.  Opening up a deep painful wound is not something we really want to do, that is why we have built up so many layers to cover this pain, anger, upset, fear, whatever it is that we are trying to escape from, however at times there is nothing else for it we have to look at what has caused us dis- harmony, dis-stress and dis-ease.  For the wound to heal we have to cleanse it out, not just stick a plaster on it and leave it. So often it is painful and leaves us open and raw, this does itself heal and leave us at peace within ourselves, this in turn allows us to have space to allow happiness, joy, bliss, peace or the many other more positive emotions we want to have in and around us.  Is life then a bed of roses and no more struggles?  No. 

We are here to experience life to the full, the ups and downs. All emotions, laughter, love, hate, rage, peace and bliss, happiness, sadness, grief and all the others not mentioned.  Sometimes in our most desperate hours we are gifted the depth of human kindness and compassion we would not have experienced any other way.  So being kind and patient with our selves is a lovely way to serve ourselves, no amount of forcing will make healing happen, sometime we have to surrender fully to divine will. To invite in happiness or peace or whatever it is we are looking for we first create the space within.  To create the space within we do the healing work required.  We let something go.

Creator nor God, or the Divine, or the Universe nor the miracle healer of Brazil John of God or Sandra Ingerman or little humble me can heal anyone or anything if that person, myself included is not ready to heal that situation; to forgive that situation, and ready to move on.  Again it is a process that is why some things heal quicker and in one session than other ailments presenting themselves.  Also bearing in mind that the Divine knows so much better than we do and the whole bigger picture of what is happening on the spiritual level in the background to get our desired results is far too much for me to comprehend or explain.  Hope you enjoyed reading, many thanks.  ©bluebird-dreamweaver.


Who are you small jealous voice within?
I am the ballerina of crushed dreams, living in your heart.
I am the tears of a thousand words never written waiting in your soul.
I am the sorrow of  unshed tears that choke up your throat.
I am the voice of bitterness and critism of your under achievements.
I am the despair of your never ending hunger  of hurts long past.
Now you understand me
Will you let me go?
Written by Bluebird-Dreamweaver, please ask my permission before using and copying


New Year, New You, New Diet.
So here it is Merry Christmas,  the after slump and the guilt is starting to set in of   ‘ Oh my god how many pounds did I gain?’  ‘Did I really have to eat all of that, cake, pudding, chocolate, dinner, etc, etc’  ‘I will start the  diet, gym, jogging, cycling, swimming. As soon as New Year is here.’  Does all of this sound so very familiar?  Well lets stop ourselves right there, here and now.  It’s past you did eat it and I hope you enjoyed every sumptuous mouthful.  Here’s a secret for you to ponder on.  Diets do not work. Diets only work for the diet industry, they get very wealthy on our frustration.  So if dieting was the next step you were about to take forget it.  I have tried many of them.  Starvation!!  No doesn’t work, the body is designed to conserve fat for when needed,  depriving ourselves makes the body hold on to its resources.  Fat needs fat to burn fat  off. Good fats, in sensible amounts. Also by with holding our food and dieting  our mind just screams louder and louder I want to eat.  I want to eat all the stuff you are denying me.  This can then lead to bingeing and over eating  at some point.  Maybe we have gone for a good few months of being good!! And sticking to the diet, even achieved our ideal weight.  Do we really feel better about ourselves?  Is there room for more improvement?  Are we loving and nurturing our, mind, bodies, soul and spirit?  Or obsessing about something else we could change on the outer us.  So very often I have lost the weight, been ecstatic briefly, only to watch the weight creep back on again.  The endless cycle of starvation and bingeing has been my pattern.  Sugar addiction to the max.  Self loathing, self hatred and self abuse is what it amounts to.
I can now with complete joy say I am finally free of sugar, have been for 4 months. Early days it may be. This is no small under achievement for me.  Its huge and well deserving of the trumpet and drum roll applause.  I would eat whole tubs of ice cream, whole cakes, whole packets of biscuits or three, big bars of chocolate  all in one sitting.  Feeling full, and comfy, not in the slightest.  Feeling full and sick, shamed and upset.  
I can now smile as I look at my naked body in the mirror.  Really appreciate my true beauty.  I have lovely curves.  It takes a lot of inner strength and perseverance to daily for at least two minutes, every day, no cheating.  The only person we cheat and lie to here is our self.  Have a look at our body truthfully in the mirror.  As we do so, notice our thoughts,  the thoughts we are sending ourselves.  They are small piercing needles of  criticism, to daggers of disgust,  to the huge sword of self hatred, that we are cutting our selves to shreds with.  I cried when I noticed how much self loathing I had going on.  I wept for me and how I hated me, and my body. What did my body every do to deserve this treatment from me.  I used to have my mirror facing the other way so I couldn’t see in it at all.  We would never dream of  speaking this way to someone else.  Do we really deserve this, because we can’t squash our way into a size 12 pair of jeans?  Does fitting into the size 14 dress  make me happy?  I did the mirror work nearly every day from early June to mid September, until I noticed something on my body I actually liked.  The more I looked at the curve I liked the more I noticed other curves and soft spots I liked.  My skin was silky smooth too. This was a moment of pure joy, ecstasy, the tears this time were of happiness  of self appreciation , all my hard work had finally paid off.  There was hope I may eventually love a piece of  my body.
There is an easy answer for all of this, just love our uniqueness. However its not an easy path to take, and no matter how many times people say to us you and beautiful as you are.  We ourselves have to feel, sense, see and know that for ourselves.  The magazines are jumping of the shelves at us saying this is how a sexy woman looks.  If you don’t look like this your ugly, too thin the next one says, too fat the one beside it says.  So what is the correct way we should look?  Like a fake, airbrushed, photo shopped  model, who also wished they looked that great.
Copyright photo Curtesy of Paul Ardley. cumbria-dog-training.  (No airbrushing, or photoshopping, just pure natural beauty.)
The way forward for us lovely, beautiful people is to care by nourishing and nurturing our body with the fuel it needs to support us in our daily lives.  Eat when we are hungry, enjoy every mouthful of the food, no matter what it is we are eating.  Eat and be joyous until we have satisfied our hunger.  Make ourselves special again, cook  meals we enjoy  and want to eat.  Love ourselves as we sit at our meals of which we will do about 3 times a day.  Be grateful and honour our inner beauty by being who we are.
I had support and help with this period of my life.  I had shamanic treatments of extraction, to remove the wounding knives and daggers metaphorically speaking that I had placed into me.  Seriously harmed myself and created intrusions with my own way of thinking and speaking to myself, again extraction to remove the intrusive thoughts.  As I followed guidance and practical advice from a food coach, I realised how much power  I had given over to the diet industry, and the supermarkets sizing charts, and the big one here the Bathroom scales.  So a power retrieval to help me be strong in my determination to heal the eating patterns that did not serve me.  A soul retrieval to return vital soul essence to support me in loving, approving and nurturing myself  in the most positive way.  Six months of work looking at how I think, act and treat myself was worth every moment, to finally turn my life around agin, in a beautiful harmonious way, that will last the rest of my life.  I honour myself and respect and praise myself for the hard work done.
If I have touched a few raw nerves here with people, I am happy, truly.  It’s always my intention to shine a light in a dark place, and this is where I found a dark place within.  If you feel you would benefit from food coaching sessions, I am happy to share with you the details of the Lady I worked with.  If you feel drawn to the shamanic treatments of extraction, power retrieval or soul retrieval;  I would be happy to oblige.  If you prefer another practitioner I can find you another one.  I would be very happy and delighted to support anyone through the challenges spoken of here. 
Many Blessings.  ©bluebird-dreamweaver.


Have you ever been haunted? I have been haunted.  Yes by ghosts.  Earthbound spirits, suffering beings, who have been trapped here on Earth.  How do we, when we die get trapped here?  Is a common question I'm asked.  So with my limited understanding, let me explain, from my perspective.  When we are nearing our time to die we have much unfinished buisness that seems to need to be sorted out. Do we have people to forgive?  Do we fear for family members who won't cope without us.  What about our homes?  We become attached to people, property and places, in our living life and seem to focus so much on these that when we die we stay there.  Get  trapped.  We also as a society, the Western society mind, has lost its belief in Creator-God-Universe-Spirit-the afterlife.  We seem, to still believe, ironically, in hell though.  "So no I'm not going away to Spirit and further developement of my soul, my souls journey, as I do not believe it is there. Or maybe it is but I don't want to be judged.  I don't really believe in Hell or the devil either, but lets face it I have done some pretty naff things, and don't really want to chance going there, well just in case it does exist.  More likely than heaven. I think its best that I just stay here." So the end result is we stay here attached to our family members, or the places we know best.  As an Earthbound Spirit. Trapped with no-where to go.  Feeding off of the energy systems of those around us and those we love.  In  some cases being severely disruptive and wanting to get noticed, for unfinished buisness, maybe, understanding maybe.  To get help with passing into the light.  To be honest having done many, many compassionate deposessions the reasons are many and as different and varied as are the many people on earth. And each session is different even with the same person. Some spirits have been here so long they have forgotten why they are still here. Some spirits haven't even realised they have died.  Some spirits are willing to go and happy to so others take a little longer, whilst others take a lot more convincing.  The methods I use are compassionate, and we get there in the end and the trapped spirits leave.  Depending on what has happened in a persons life, depends on how many sessions are needed.  How much trauma they have experienced. Did they get drunk/high as a teenager and do the ouija board, oh lordy lord who knows what you invited in by doing that??  And what is still attached from doing that many many years later!!  The reason for more than one session in most cases, is the sessions can tire out a client, and you don't want to be driving tired out.

My ability to be able to see/sense/feel Earthbound Spirits is what I think lead me into doing this work.  I have always been able to see/sense/feel them.  However about 8 years ago with my soul expanding, explosive awakening to the Spiritual journey I am now on, they were literally everywhere.  I would get on the bus and have the man sat in front of me deceased wife look at me ovet the seats and then I would smell baking.  Or be in the supermarket buying vegetables and bump into someone, turn to appologise and there was no-one there.  They even moved into my house, or should I say every house I lived in there was a ghost.  I would see some-one come past my window then knock on my door, when I opened it no-one was there, well no-body!!!  I saw them in the trees, when walking, etc etc etc.  Everywhere.

So the very valuable work that is done for the Earthbound is not really like the exorcist, or the many other horror films that Hollywood have to make and exaggerate to sell films.  It wouldn't be as scary or exciting would it. No jumps and white knuckles, or hiding behind the pillows.  In truth a spirit attachment is much more quiet than that, no big loud trumpet blowing annoncements, we would notice that pretty quickly.  However sensing our loved ones around us can come in many forms, it can be very mild from cold spots/hot spots, feeling drained, knowing there is something else there, seeing movement from the coner of our eye and the like. Strange scents, smells we can or can't place. To the moving of items, being woken up and not really knowing why.  You know something is off with your energy or your within your house, it doesn't seem right.  Electrics, computers, phones and the like play up. Being unlucky, accidents happening, dropping things, injury to yourself more than is normal. Even taking on charateristics that are not your own, like suddenly wanting to smoke, or drink whiskey and you haven't wanrted to before, night terrors, seeing ghosts. All of these things can also have a logical, scientific explaination too (apart from the seeing ghosts!!). Even out right paranoia that everyone is out to get you, that can over time get worse and isolate you.  Think of Golum and my precious!! Just some of the things I would be looking for in my compassionate deposession work; with the person or the house, I'm working with. Some of us are comforted with having our deceased loved ones around us, some of us are not.  In all honesty in my opinion its best for them to have been to the light, the heart of creator, the beloved, and then choose to come back and give comfort, care and guidance to the living spouse, relative or friend.  Than to be trapped here.  I speak with the deceased, earthbound spirit, suffering being and help them move on into the light, a place a place of healing and allowing the individual spirit time to adjust ready to continue with their own souls journey, in the way that is best for them; hence the compassionate before deposession, I am not an exorcist imposing my will on anothers, and demanding anything, and doing nothing but creating fear, upset and confusion, for everyone concerned.  I'm not in Hollywood!! That said there can be very severe disruptions that would make you feel you were in a film like the horror movies, and I have dealt with these situations however they are not the norm, but it does happen, very rarely; this is where film directors get there ideas after all. Again the idea is not to be in fear it is to get the trapped confused spirit, earthbound or other into the light, a place of peace and calm, where they can see/feel/sense and embrace thier own divine light of the creator, be in harmony with creation. Be at peace ultimately.  Then there is the more unbelievable subject to so many people and into the realms of Star Trek and David Icke the alien possession of people, did I lose you there?? Bear with me!! This is more common than people think. It would be of a very limited view to think that the only planet that has life on it is Earth, and that only humans on Earth can travel to other planets. The universe is beyond my comprehension of size.

Negative emotions attract negative energies, so some darker spirits like to attach themselves to others through creating fear, anger, confusion, hostility, suicidal impulses, all the lower vibration energy that they can then feed off. Indeed encourage our bad habits of drug or alcohol abuse, encourage our wish of revenge, hostility, hatred and fear. These beings attach themselves through holes and tears created within our auras/energetic energy field that surrounds our bodies, these holes and tears are created by the traumas we have experienced within our lifetime.  I would use guidance from my guides/allies to mend and heal these holes and tears, feather and stone aura sessions are great for after a compassionate depossession session and a soul retrieval.  In truth there are more spirit attachments going on than people realize, simply going to the pubs and or hospitals and you can have an earthbound spirit attach to you, this can be the cause of loss of energy, hearing voices, sucidal thoughts/acts, self harm, mood swings,sexual disfunction/urges,depression, phobias, psychosis, sleep paralysis, or other mental, emotional, and even physical illnesses and many many other illnesses that are unexplainable by the local GP.  This is not an excuse to then blame all our own unskillful behaviours on having a spirit attachment some of it is our own behaviour too, and we do need to look at this also.

I wanted to add in here the dangers of doing spirit mediumship and or psychic sessions, unless you know how to open the session up, know what you are inviting in and how to close a session down.  Get proper training would be my strong advice.You can be doing the equivalent of pulling out a loud speaker in a busy Friday night Club or Pub or Inn and saying "Hi everyone party at my house".  Think about that!!! Do you know who you just invited.  The same applies to the spirit world.  Know your guides too as some of these are false, and are leading you up the proverbial garden path.

This is a brief guide. 

My intention has been to give a better understanding of spirit release and compassionate depossession depossession work. I now work my own way with this and have named the treatments sacred spirit transition ©bluebird-dreamweaver, to honour the earthbound spirits going back into the light. I really hope I have done so.  If you are being affected by any of these issues you can contact me for a house clearance and or sacred spirit transition © work.  

Many thanks for reading. ©bluebird-dreamweaver.


On December 12th between 12 and 4pm I am holding the Behind The Mask event.
This is a fun loving, exploration, using shamanic drumming,and journeying; to have a look at the masks we are wearing in our daily lives. I have been guided to write this workshop up from my own experience of the various masks I have been wearing myself. We may remove some, we may not that will remain to be seen. A gift we can give to ourselves as we come more out into the open being our true delightful self, with open hearts beaming love, for ourselves and the divine planet we live on. As we self heal the planet will heal too. Cost is £50. Please bring along blankets, rattles, drums, notebook and water canister. Booking would be appreciated. As would sharing this event with others. Once I know you are coming I will give yoy the address. Many thanks and many blessings.
Location - Camelon Falkirk


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