Everybody Loves a Bargain.

I have been guided to write this blog as a way of honouring myself, last year I went through intensive food coaching sessions, (for anyone reading this struggling with food issues I am very happy to give you the lady I worked withs details, please use the contact form to contact me and ask for them.) So back to the title, Everybody Loves a bargain, this is so true, I love bargains, even though I don't like shopping especially in crowds. So hopefully this far in I have you attention, so what is it we are looking for with bargains? To save money, so we buy bargain priced food, and sale priced clothes. Half the time these clothes don't fit us or we don't really like them and they get placed in the wardrobe for later use, eventually probably with the price tags still on them in to a charity bag. There is a whole psychology to the buisness end of selling of these goods that haven't sold in the shops, that plays with our love a bargain minds. Anyway I still love a bargain, but I now think about it much more, is it really a bargain? No not if I don't ever wear it. So to the point of why I have been guided to write this, when we veiw ourselves as only worthy of the bargain / sale item we are going to eat or wear continuously, that is were we are in our minds placing very little value on our self worth, there is no nourishing or nurturing of the true beautiful self we are by doing this. We invalidate ourselves with this mind set of, I will only buy my food or clothes when they are in the bargain bucket. Why are we not worthy of buying a new item that we fully love? A decent fairtrade item that helps everyone in this shopping contract, the people who made your item are valued as they are paid well and work in decent working conditions. The vibration of this eneters you and your mind states to you, I am a beautiful worthwile person, I LOVE ME. I am not a sale price bargain I am top class, I value me and the people who have created the food I am eating, the organic earth the food grew in the fairtrade people who nourished and nurtured the plants growing, which nourishes and nurtures my body, I value and appreciate me as a person with the thought and care that went into the clothes I love wearing.The products I wash myself with. I love appreciate and value the earth I live on and the people I surround myself with. This in turn when we have done this makes us feel special if you like, feel the difference in our energy when we have treated ourselves. To something we really want and will love eating wearing or using. I did this recently when I bought a brand new bicycle. I found myself going the bargain route and checked out gumtree, then started to feel my self worth drop as I thought yes that bike will do, not overly keen on the colour but well its only the colour. Could that one do its maybe too small, but not to worry its cheap. Maybe go to Halfords, no not a good idea these bikes don't last long and then create a path of unused items that are being discareded in our throw away society. So in respecting the beautiful planet I live on with this in my mind I went and bought a brand new bike, which I will learn how to service by going to workshops and meeting people who use bikes and getting tips. I already feel happier with this bike than my last one which was second hand and only lasted a year. Its my new shiny bike to support my new shiny self in my new long lasting healthy self routine. So I'm not saying don't buy bargains, what I am saying is value yourself and don't always place yourself in the bargain bucket. Treat yourself special because you are. Love you because you are worth it.  ©bluebird-dreamweaver.co.uk

Celebrating Being a Woman..........
An ironic title I think you will agree by the time you finish reading this blog.  Hopefully my trials over the last few weeks will bring a smile to your face though.  Haha even if it isn't at all helpfull advice i share.  So for the last few months I haven't blogged, this has mainly been beacuse I have been all over the place.  Also a combination of the powerful shamanic teachers and healers I have sat in circle with since 3rd May.  On the 3rd May I started a 2 month intensive healing period as guided, (sometimes I really wonder why I follow the advice!! I'm sure we have all said that too.)  we start with Sandra Ingerman's second year of my two year teacher training an 8 day intensive course shaping us up on how to teach her material, during this we students also do the courses again, and during one of the journeys we were  to do on; self limiting beliefs that are holding us back, I was knocked sideways so to speak, It was a total shock to me to hear what one of my limiting beliefs was.  I was shaking, feeling sick, had a headache and crying at the depth of the information.  I decided to take up  Stephen's offer of staffing/supporting the Spiritdance/Breathwork course 4 days after Sandra's finished; to really breath the trauma of this out of my system.  So another 8 days I spent in circle with the amazing Peggy who teaches in Leonard Orrs breathwork style, and during my rebirthing session I broke through my claustraphobia and released the traumas to the best of my ability.  I am ever so grateful to my rebirthing companions Marilyn Franks and Kliff Stephanou, it was a trully fabulous session.  As if this was not enough my guides decided I had to also do  Amazonian Jungle Shaman Don Alberto on 28th June as well for 5 days, so I eventually agreed, (as if we ever don't agree with our guides!!)  I had also spent 8 days supporting / staffing the Soul retrieval course with Stephen my main shamanic teacher.  So any way all this intensive work in a short space of time, leaves me with integration a very necessary part of our healing after care.  We have to rest up and take care of ourselves, or eventually we will burn out.  Also its good to remember when doing this kind of work up pops the stuff we don't really want to look at, or a revisit of old illnesses, anyways  I had headaches/migraines, dizziness, depression was very intense again, nausea, confusion, would forget appointments or what I was shopping for, night sweats, night paralasis, the heat travelling through my body was tremendous at times so hot I would nearly faint. Hot one minute cold and shivery the next without Flu/colds.  Horrible taste in my mouth almost constantly too. On looking there is always alot of planetary influence going on this time of year, and I am always more sensitve come Autumn season.  Count in the acsecsion symptons and the low blood pressure.  I was to say the least not fit for human consumption.  As I was doing the sensible thing we all do I turned to Dr Google and looked up the symptoms, well up pops perimenopause!!! You what?? I thought you had menopause and mensturation ends.  No such bloody luck for us poor sods out here called women, we have the Pirrahna Mouth Traits, that little snipy bitchy voice  that pops up once a month, only to disappear when the fish hooks ripping the inside of stomach to shreds starts.  Along with the realisation of ohhhh yes thats why I was being very unreasonable again.  From around age 11-13ish  to 45-50ish, then somewhere in that comes pregnanacy and labour enough said for anyone who has had this delight.  Now to top it all in the time we are free to have a ball do what we want, sing, dance, have fun.  Grinds to a halt you may be perimenopauseal, oh and this can go on for many years even up to 10, oh lordy keep piling on the good news guys.  The thing is little pirrahna has now become even more unreasonable and turned into some thing, I kid you not, the Devil itself would be scared to come up against.  I am praying for a swift, delightful, graceful and peaceful for everyone tranistion into Autumn age of my life.  Anyway I also asked a herblist friend of mine for any advice she could give if it was the menopause and she suggested, a good vitamin B complex and calcium and magnesium, all this would benefit my system, it definately has calmed alot of things down.  And feeling a tad more with it here in muggy Scotland.  So celebrating with my fellow goddesses, the absolute joy of being a woman, every few days we do actually get for it.  ©bluebird-dreamweaver.
I recently spent one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I was moved to tears by the beauty and humility of Don Alberto an amazing man, teacher, and Shaman from deep within the Amazon jungle.  He has to walk 3 days before he comes to a road when he leaves his family and home.  And here he was in the Troussachs of Scotland after travelling around for a month or more teaching from his heart, with pure love and joy and a huge sprinkling of mischeviousness.  Loved him totally and so very very grateful to him for his teachings from his homeland of Peru.
He teaches us the importance of doing our own inner personal work, something we really must do if we want to save our preciuos planet, our Mother the Earth.  We have lost our heart centred connection to Earth.  We have a responsibility to find our centres and balance ourselves to the best of our ability, both masculine and feminine sides, as well as balance ourselves, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually. 
The ceremonies we all did are life changing and I feel will go on and on subtley for many a moon to come.  He asks that we protect the Rainforest to the best of our ability also as there are still tribes living this natural indigenious life.  This is real shamanism.  I wholeheartly thank him for sharing his wisdom and stories of his ancestors with us.
One of the things Don Alberto taught us was how we eat incorrectly, we talk all over our food instead of blessing each mouthful we swallow and allow it to nourish us.  Think for a moment here as to what we are talking about or even listening to whilst we eat.  Are we swallowing toxins physically, mentally and emotionally?  Are we enjoying our food?  Are we allowing our mind body and spirit to be nourished?  We should be loving every mouthful of food we eat.  Eat with reckless joy for our mealtimes.
I haven't mentioned Don Alberto's companion and support much here yet, but without Richard and people like Richard, Don Alberto would not be able to communicte with us, as Richard speaks and translates to Don Alberto in Spanish, Don Alberto speaks spanish but it is not his main language.  He speaks many different Amazonian jungle dialects, as people travel from all over to see him, to do ceremonies with him.  To learn from him.  His student, support and protector is Richard.  So many heartfelt thanks to Richard also, for the time he gives up to travel and support Don Alberto, amd also the amount of time he spends organising the trips and everything that goes with it.
So all in all a truley amazingly wonderful experience, I will happiliy do again should I get the opportunity.  So be mindful of how we eat, live joyfully and do; once again I can not say this enough; do our inner personal work.
Many thanks DON ALBERTO, for the healing ceremonies the love and the joy; a real wonder of this world we live in, a true Shaman.  ©bluebird-dreamwever.
The Path Of The heart, Hunt like a Puma.
From the new year (2016) I made a declaration of the Soul "To let go and allow the divine to flow through me"  The very first guidance I recieved when I stated that I would do this was during the group i was with; we were  doing vision boards. I knew what i was not putting on my board again, if it hadn't manifested by now it was time to 'Let go of the dreams that do not support me'.  So I stared at the blank page for a while wondering just what it was i wanted to do in my life, Travel popped up for me, Yes travel indeed that would be exciting.  Travel where to? Where do you want to travel?  Yes, thats easy enough to answer, Brazil to see the 4healer John of God, and Norway to visit the Fjords and see the northern lights, amazing always wanted to go there.  Happy inside, smiling outside, we have a goal, whoo hoo.  So next we share our visions with a partner and i state travel, she asks me where to and i say Italy!!! I look confused, recheck my visionboard No, no Italy on there, and laugh here we are go with the flow.  Why Italy, to connect with St Francis energy in Assisi on 3/4th October.  Why? For the massive heart expansion that is going to happen, to me  and is happening on the planet right now.  I could feel this energy immediately, I was shaking and crying.  The same happened each time I spoke of going, and again when I booked my flights to go.  Even here now 6 months later I feel the hands trembling as i write these words.
 Being in the heart of love is so very needed on the earth right now, we have to come through our fears, ignorance and hatred and the like.
So flowing along through the year nicely and gently after the intense work of a few years allowing the feminine to come into me, become the feminine as such.  No easy work that was I can tell you.  I had a laugh with my teacher Stephen on my teacher training of Sandra Ingermans, he did a journey for me on romance as its the only thing i haven't manifested into my life.  Basic info 'Hunt like a puma!!'  oke doke as we would both say.  I had great laughs about this information with many many people it was indeed fabulous.  Puma being heart, strength and courage. "Puma – It represents the Kay Pacha, our earthly physical world. The puma is an animal that teaches us to live in an eternal present, without internal or external limitations or territories. The Puma is a totem animal that works with the willingness and the strength of the spirit. That is why Pachakutec rebuilt Cusco in the shape of a Puma. This means that in this sacred space or power field, the solar plexus, which governs all thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, perceptions and visualizations, is harmonized. The total balance of the physical and economic world is worked and healed, from the very micro to the very macro. It works with the crystal blue ray of divine protection and elevation of faith….. Llankay." ( taken from the internet not my words)."
So anyway jokes aside i was guided out of the blue to do the course with Don Alberto, Amazonian jungle Shaman, I wasn't doing this due to finanaces, also I was in Peru less than two years ago with Don Alberto doing the wonderful Ayahuasca ceremony there.  i had a massive heart connection with the beautiful Don Angelino from the Andes who we did our treks with and many other ceremonies, he even kissed me on the cheek after a ceremony in the moon temple!!! Oh lordy.  I plan on going back to Peru so why do this course now?  Why not wait and do more in Peru?  Indeed why not I asked many many many times.  I want clarity i declared as to why do this course now.  Well clarity I got, i asked a very lovely young man to do a divination journey for me and ask why.  He did and he got the guidance for me "Because spirit want you here."  It has taken a few days and more for this to sink in, some people are called to follow the shamanic path, this calling starts as a whisper, and gets louder the less we listen until spirit puts us on our asses, where we sre very ill unless we follow that call.  Ok I'm not the brightest button in the box, but I have it now,well partly!! haha and I am booked and doing the course.
So the reason for doing the course has opened up,  I am to heal my heart all those fears, hates, anger, hurts, grieff, sadness, guilt shame etc all of it needs to be cleared, as I journeyed and asked for release and guidance I was told I am a rose in the rainbow, this makes me cry, as its so beutiful and deep.  I was given a crystal from spirit back in 2010 a Labradorite - the temple of the stars crystal, the Milky way is a gateway in Peruvian Shamanism.  I had someone do a soul remebering journey for me on Sandra Ingermans teacher training, my soul is the centre of the universe, and showed up like the Milky Way galaxy.  I was doing mask and costume ritual and I choose to be St Francis and on the back of my jacket I sewed on stars to represent the Milky Way!!! Back in October I was given a gift by new guides of a rattle that was the Milky Way, the centre of the universe.  So this is where I am now, the path of the Puma, the heart of the matter with courage I release and unburden myself.  I surrender to spirit and my soul calling to be of service.  With Love grace and a touch of rebellion!!  ©bluebird-dreamweaver.
The Spiritual Path is Easy.
Every time I hear someone say this I raise my eyebrows and then laugh.  Hahahaha, if being on the spiritual path is easy then why is everyone not doing it??  If being on the spiritual path is easy why have I found it so challenging at times and wished I had never bothered to wake up, and opt to do everything I can to walk the spiritual path.  I could have lived on in ignorance that everything that happened to me, was someone else's fault. Blame them for the shitty life I was living.
So its easy to forgive the school bullies?  The unskillful threatening school teachers? The uncaring council.  The hateful police. The indifferent doctors. Its easy to work through the stuff to work to forgiveness and really mean it.  The rape, the mugging, the taunts, the abuse no longer bothers you?  So why do you continue to smoke canabis, take drugs, drink alcohol to excess, gamble, have numerous sexual partners, over eat, shut yourself away, hate everyone, and carry so much anger.  These are questions that cross my mind in these situations, without judgement I hope.  Lets face it none of us are perfect, and also are never going to be.  What is perfect anyway?
I have seen myself and my fellow brothers and sisters in floods of tears, shaking with rage, having serious panic attacks, sobbing like little kids, physically be sick, as they have worked through the stuff, that has bothered them to get to a place of forgiveness for the person or persons who have harmed them.  Until we eventually get to forgiveness.  We can't change what has happened to us, but we can change how it affects us.  One of the biggest challenges I have faced is what I have done to myself, when the hatred, anger, hurt, shame and rage turns inwards.  The one thing we trully have to do is so simple and that is LOVE, as my spiritual teacher Peggy Dylan said recently whilst a lovely group of spiritual seekers, breathed through the many challenges we collectively had, on the wonderful course of Spiritdance; without love no healing can take place at all.  
And there we have the simplicity of the spiritual path, to love and nothing else is needed.
All you need is love.  With this love the freedom is immense we feel inside our souls when we escape the prisons of our own making.  Love you all. ©bluebird-dreamweaver.


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