SIGNS AND SYMBOLS.  Shamanically speaking.
I was asked earlier this week to do an over the phone interview for Spirit and Destiny on 2 subjects the first one was a healing mantra and the second one was a symbol, I choose the crown symbol and shamanically speaking what it means to me.
So lets start with mantra's, I use mantra's alot in my crafting for dreamweavers/dreamwcatchers.  I happily have the person choose their own colour and size of dreamcatcher along with the mantra they like.  Mantra's are great for allowing our minds to bring in specific intentions into our lives.  So for crafting dreamweaves, if you are seeking protection I would recommend a protective mantra.  For healing a healing mantra, and you get the picture I'm sure.  Sometimes people don't know what a mantra is or what mantra they like.  Within reason I will put on and listen to their music of choice to energise the personal item they are having made.  I have in truth a very limited understanding of mantra's.  Man = Mind, and Tra = freeing, so as we listen along and chant the mantra this becomes for our short while a mind freeing excercise, shutting up the constant mind yap we have going on.  So we can create a lovely energetically clean space with incense and a candle, sit in our safe and scred creation and listen and chant along to a mantra to give us a few minutes space of mind chatter.  I would always recommend we pick the particular mantra for our particular manifestation, for example we would not want to be chanting along to a mantra that was inviting in a new life partner if we were happily married.  Manytas have been around and chanted for many thousands of years, they to my very limited undretanding are written in sanskrit.  If we go back many thousands of years we had to be careful of what we said as we could mainfest very quickly and easily.  I have placed all of my understandings into a weekend workshop called the power of words or  the wisdom of words.  This weekend is also part of my shamanic practitioner training.
The other subject was symbols, well symbols is really about our own personal inteprtation again shamanically speaking.  I choose to use the crown symbol as it has appeared to me for many years and I have always thought it had to do with Royalty like the Royal family, there fore had nothing to do with a lowly peasant like myself. Haha.  How wrong we can be, during my first shamanic practitioner training, I had one of my trainee's do a power retrieval on me, and the power returned was the crown.  Well here was the symbol again along with the lily you often see on coats of arms and associated with the French Royalty, again here I am no historian so I have a very limited understanding alothough a massive interest in symbols.  So back to the crown I was returned during a power retrieval, how amazing my next few months integration and unfolding of this symbol was.  The crown can represent so many things, and for me it was a journey deep within to own my own sovereingity.  Stand in my own royal and regal power, as in truth we all can do.  The crown contiued to grow as I shamanically journeyed and worked with the symbol allowing it to unfold and flow in my life.  The crown also to me was representing the crown chakra, and had been continuing my healing journey of 9 years where I was thrown into chaos as I had to clear all my overburdened chakras of the continued storage of upsets, hurts, traumas etc, nothing was let go off.  The crown eventually turned into a set of deer antlers and during a further training I was taking turned to my complete and utter astonishment into the Crone, the crone I later found out was the crowned one.  The crone also being an aspect of the triple goddess, maiden, mother, crone.  So with the Crone energy of the crowned one fully upon me now, I have to return inwards, look back inside of my self and return to a hibernation period of winter, an embracing of the crafting energy that has inspired me for a few months.  A whole new meaning for game of thrones likers of Winter is Coming.  Owning my own divine power, embracing the power of myself to create balance and harmony within.  Being sovereign is about intergrity, sacred harmony and balance for the earth and my soul.  The Crown can be a symbol of our ultimate quest of our human existence, to reconnect with our greater family, the cosmic family of light.  The Crown of glory is an activation of our spiritual consciousness.  
If you are reading this and are inspired to be creative, draw a crown of your choice and whilst doing so listen to the subtle energy of your inner wisdom speaking to you, to reclaim your own sovereignty.  Or you can meditate upon the symbol, and as always if you are able to journey please journey with your healing helping compassionate guides for information personal to you.  Love laughter and cakles from the Crowned one.


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