I recently went through the very painful condition of plantar fasiitis, and lordy did my feet hurt. Once I had a diagnosis of my extremly painful feet, on walking, throbbing when resting them and out and out crippling pain in the morning on getting up, I was relieved to start taking my health into my own hands. After all I am responsible for being healthy. So I started with excersises for stretching the muscle of the foot gently. It was recommended to ice the feet however I really don't like cold feet so no chance I ignored this recommendation, shelved it in the back of my head, would do so only if I really realy had to. Diet as always has to be looked at and a vegan diet would be best, but I have always felt constantly hungry with it, same as a raw food diet, that left me constantly hungry and cold, anyway each to our own, I eat meat on and off and tend to leave dairy alone; so still have to look at diet and as always with myself inflammation is an issue. Plantar fasiitis is also inflamation, so many of our ailments are inflammation based. Anyway I had been on a website of a Dr Weil and he actually made shoes, Vionic shoes, to correct the foot, part of the problem is we are wearing flat shoes, pounding along on concrete and are over weight, well the weight in my case anyway, although not for everyone Yes to all of them, hahaha, so nothing like doing things gently. I have never been known to do anything in half measures, so off I go order a pair of vionic trainers, brilliant, will follow along his dietry advice, I find in truth it is much better for me to keep a regular eye on acidic food in my diet, really have to have the alkaline foods in there. This will benefit the vast majority of us. Next along comes foot massage, brilliant so what anti inflamatry oils do I have on hand, pine oil, clove oil and peppermint oil, a great mixture for my lovely, much neglected and taken for granted feet. So I start doing a 5-10 minute foot massage each night before bed, on each foot, then place white socks over feet as in herbalism you can detox through your feet as well. Ahhh note for self to remember this insight, so next part of research herbs to help inflamation, top of the list Tumeric, thankfully I have some in, you do need the active ingredient of curcumin (Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric, and is also found in limited amounts in ginger. It is an anti-inflammatory molecule, and similar to fish oil, it seems to be a metabolic syndrome band-aid. It has poor bioavailability and black pepper greatly enhances absorption.** I copied this bit in bracets from an internet site can't recall the name though) I then went organic powder shopping, organic black pepper, organic ginger powder, organic tumeric. Oh and the must have organic raw apple cider vinegar. I already have empty capsules and my capsule making machine here, so whilst I wait the delivery of shoes especially for plantar faciitis, and my organic powders, I make some milk thistle capsule to aid my liver in the detox of inflamation from my body. And decide a bit of dry body brushing will benefit me in the mornings. I was also put in touch with an aqupuncturist. Saw the lovely guy yesterday and he basically said inflammation is a dietry issue, and wishes more people had taken my approach, as 2 months later I am pain free, can walk not hobble, and no more throbbing feet. Long may this last. As a shamanic teacher and shamanic practitioner of course I also had an extraction - removal of unwanted old toxic energy from my feet, during my recent shamanic training of extraction, this benefited me massively. So all in all I checked my diet and added more alkalising foods, added supplements of fish oil, mixture of tumeric, ginger, and black pepper in one capsule, milk thistle, and glucosamine sulphate, added organic raw apple cider vinegar in the mornings, did a little body brushing about a week also a week for foot massage, (well its christmas and things have been hectic so they didn't last long), then had a shamanic session of extraction. And all sorted now I appreciate my feet and the hard work they do supporting me. Well all on the road to being sorted and in truth much much better.  As always there is much benefits to be discovered in any recovery, and healing is the journey there more than the end outcome of the magic wand being waved and all is gone, no matter how many times we may want that to start with.  many thanks for reading.


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