Asking for what we really want.

Whilst I was in Nepal recently. I learnt a really subtle but powerful lesson. We were a nice sized group of 14 people. We went to many places visiting the Shamans who worked in their many different ways. One of the female shamans we went to see had recently come out of hospital herself and was back to opening her house up to the locals, and she very kindly and generously welcomed us along. There we all were squeezed into the small room, listening to our guide/teacher/host transfer the local peoples questions so we could hear the guidence given, I am amazed at the generousity. So we had each been asked to think of what we would like answered or would we like a healing instead. Set an intention basically, as a shamanic practitioner and teacher, I know about how important setting an intention and asking for what you really want is. I had plenty of time to think about it. But good lord could I think about what I wanted to ask, no I couldn't so my mind jumped to and fro phrasing the question this way and that way and any other way it came. Put on the spot I could not speak and ask for what I wanted correctly in front of 14 people. What did I want answered? Well I was in a stage in life we all come to and was questioning my role in life. Was I on the correct spiritual path? All roads lead to the divine so it doesn't matter pick one. Here i was at the proverbial crossroads again, after the removal of the negative entity for want of better words, I was able to notice all the flase guidance i had been given, and I knew the entity was there. After all thats why I was in Nepal to be free from it. However now I was confused although free and at peace, lost and uncertain as to my way forward in life.  Had I been falsley led onto a shamanic path by a greedy buisness, that only had there own finacial gain interests at heart, I had now spent over £80,000 on my training.  Or was Shamanism really the path I was to follow.

Did spirit answer this question for me as I was sat musing it over in my mind, when the small boy of 4 years entered the room and offered me the money meant for the female shaman?

So sitting in front of this lovely lady, who is/was one of the 13 indigenious grandmothers and who had so kindly invited us along to her house, I stumbled over my intention and presumed spirit would know what I was asking and direct me accordingly. I was wrong very wrong. My question was I was unsure of where I was in my life, not sure i was living in the correct area, unsure if I was helping my familiy or following the correct spiritual path. Seems ok when you look at it. I was given the advice back from spirit via the shaman, "You have done nothing wrong, you have done the best you can do for everyone, and you have done nothing wrong." I was then given a ceremony to do and told that the planets aligned at the moment were not in my favour, and here is the big lesson, "Your mind has made you ask this question", she responded to me.

Interesting indeed, my over thinking over analysing muddled monkey mind had made me ask this question. Some serious food for thought there, so I should have calmed myself breathed deeply and cleared my thoughts, and opened my heart to a question. The question was answered just not the way i wanted it to be or, in the way I expected. I could have asked for guideance on my way forward, however I learned a very valuable lesson.

A lesson I happily share with the event of Xmas and the New Year resolutions that we will soon be making, be certain of what you want to create and manifest in your life, by asking if it is for us we will recieve it.  So stating our intentions to spirit, creator, universe clearly, as i have been taught so many times, invites in what we want.



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