We Are Our Surroundings.

As above so below, as within so without.  Is an expression I have heard many times over the years of my spiritual journey.  I went to bed thinking about this sayining last night, after my smoke alarms went off every 10 minutes for nearly 5 and a half hours.
I traced back the thread of what had been happening for me, where did this seriously irritating event come from?  Most would say just change the battery, or dust it, or electrical fault without much if any further thought.  As a shamanic practitioner and teacher of shamanism, I looked within, in truth I did not have to look to far.  I have the debilitating condition at the moment of plantar fasciitis, seriously painful and at times unable to walk properly; this comes after being released from my ailments of a year long illness of unknown origin, well unknown to western medicine. I had the fortune of visiting Nepalese Shamans at my recent visit to Kathmandu, Nepal.  So firstly we have the long illness, nausea and migraines being the two main symptoms, followed by not knowing who i was or what simple items where on my shopping list, whats cat food? What is a cat?  My cat is 13 and been with me since she was 8 weeks old.  Anyway as I went through tests for low blood pressure, thyroid, liver, diabetes, iron levels all in truth to no avail as every test was clear. Add into this mix the constant pain off what seemed like flu but wasn't or arthritis symptoms all over the body.  Rest was my best option, rest was the recommendation,  so rest i did on and off for the year.  As I visited each of the 8 shamans including our teacher/host/guide; I regained my vitality thankfully I am indeed very very grateful.  So with vitality comes renewed get up and go energy, take up walking faster, feel amazing best I have done in years.  Then along comes plantar fasciitis to stop me in my tracks, just fabulous, and really no chance is that happening. I'm not accepting this.  So I ask around my alternative health professional friends, and wow the advice is amazing, stretches, ice for inflamed feet, and the proverbial diet changes.  Along with of course we can't help ourselves, the Google advice, which is normally conflicting, it didn't fail to be either.
So the main thing that stood out to me again, as always does is the foods we eat, we have a very acidic diet and really need to embrace more alkaline foods into our diets for optimum health.  INFLAMMATION, over and over again this is my issue, during my researches i had read in an article that if our body is screaming in pain we should have been listening a good while back.  Yes indeed I should, as I sunk into my bed of pain for a year I let the food slide to the other end of the scale and ate the usual shite we do, ice cream, biscuits, wheat, dairy, pre-packed, etc. 
So what has this all got to do with fire alarms?  It actually started with my 2 year old grandson have a hissy temper tantrum, from being woken up to early in his opinion, then pulling at his teeth, he yelled for about 40 minutes, so I had to smudge the energy of rage out, his at his sore teeth mine at his yelling about it.  Restore peace and harmony into my home.  Well we are not seperate from anything, so as my alarm system screamed its alarm every 10 minutes something was out of whack, a visit from the fire brigade they say flat battery and change it, then contact landlord first thing in the morning.  Ok fabulous amazing I can now put my 2 year old grandson to bed, he will be happy that the alarm has stopped too, he secreamed also everytime it went off, and was a bit freaked out at times, understandably, its been going on for the last 3 hours, mmmm make that 3 hours 20 mins, as i went and emailed my estate agents, the bloody alarm sounded again.  Ok so it will be a trip down the road for a new battery, with 2 year old, anyway its going to take me 20 - 30 mins to do that so somewhere the alarm is going to start ringing again, and I wont be in to use the trusty broom handle to switch it off.  Ahha phone my daughter and she comes over with a new battery, its now 9. 30, and baby should have been in bed ages ago, when off goes the fecking alarm again can you adam and eve it for crying out ****** loud.  Hammer time perhaps?  Well most definately feel like it.
Anyway as I am under 5 foot as is my daughter, out comes the craft table again, along with the step ladders that we have to climb up to take off the seriously irritating smoke alarm, and  ditch it someplace outside?  Through it in the Canal? (Never as more pollution isn't on my agenda).  Smoother it in blankets so we can't hear it?  Whack it with the hammer? Bury it even?  So I get out an old biscuit tin when the electrician phones, (never been so grateful for the phone call this late at night) and says yes disable it fully, and take the battery out then it wont work he will be around tomorrow its an electrical fault, not the battery.
So finally grandsons bed time, his mum can go home along to her bed, and I can go and contimplate the whole situation shamanically.  The questions I consider are what is the electrical system of my house? What is it in my body? Maybe the nervous system? And then what was happening to me physically, well it was getting seriously on my nerves, I can't stand it any more, I will smash it up, causing me serious anger.  So I have to look at what I can't stand as my feet hurt badly, what is getting on my nerves that much? Irritating me so much I am screaming like my smoke alarms because I have ignored it.  Mmmmmmm interesting there, I journey on it; meet power animal and teacher, have fabulous conversation and am reminded I have a new power animal to talk to, that can help me with my feet, remove the toxic energy out via extraction and then transmute energy.  Remember my dream of Pine tree well I researched Pine essential oils yeaterday and they are great for inflammation, and an antioxidant, foot massage coming up.  Remeber another dream of being in my power, yes INDEED I have the power to change my life and lifestyle dietry changes are what are needed, to keep me tip top and healthy, I had already started with various supplements, food changes, but what I have to remember is my body is my machine and will run as well as the fuel I use within.  Better to make life changes than to have a toxic overload that causes massive inflammation.  So once again a mightly hearty thank you to the Nepalese Shamans, who started the ball rolling, as always great gratitude to my guides for support and guidance, and of course a massive thanks to myself for listening to my inner wisdom and respecting the teaching of the very annoying smoke alarm.  A quick update as to why the smoke alarm was sounding off, most likely the steam from dinner being cooked.  So shamanically another angle to look at, and I would say so far Pine/Fir is what I need most to welcome into my life.  Living shamanically everything is energy, and we can learn from each and every situation, so living here in central scotland dampness is all around so will need to journey for guidance on how to put my best feet forward and is there anything else I need to know.  With Inflammation regualry and consitently over the years in many different forms, I probably have the switch mentioned in an article about inflammation firmly welded on, no longer as it has been discovered and released.
Many blessings to all who are reading this.


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