This is a picture from my hotel window in Kathmandu Nepal.(bottom photo).  Wow what a shock to be over here away from what I would consider a busy town of Falkirk.  The first thing that amazed me whilst coming over to Nepal to start a fun filled exciting pilgramage, was how peaceful it was.  Suprising really considering there was I was was told something like 8 million people in Kathmandu, the same amount of people as in the whole of Scotland.  People where polite on the busy dusty roads, where all the traffic seemed to be going in multiple directions at the same time; where people dogs cows, bicycles, motorbikes cars and the odd bus or three would all be intetmingled in chaos and harmony at the same time.  I can feel the violence, anger and negative emotions in Scotland where traffic meets, this was absent in Nepal, alot of horns beeping more to say please mind me I'm here, and here in the UK the aggression of ****** get *** out of my way *****, you get the picture I'm sure.

I had planned this trip to experience healing from the local shamans and see how indigenous shamans worked.  I was and am in total awe full of gratitude and upmost respect.  Our host/guide/teacher Bhola is also a Shaman ( Dhami, Jhankri), a fun filled, fun loving man who catered to our needs.  I had no expectations for this 3 week pilgramage other than to get well.  I had been ill on and off for many years, and the last year had seen my weight increase as my physical body was drained of energy.  We saw in total 8 differnt shamans.  We spent time in ceremony up in the mountains in the village of Chisipani, where the earthquake of 2015 had caused distruction of some of the local buildings.(Top photo) A very surreal experience to watch the 4 male shamans prepare their ceremony from start to finish, in amongst the wreckage of the twisted buildings.  There we sat watched and learned how the native shamans of Nepal in this area prepared and held ceremony.  I felt totally blessed and privilaged to be here.  We then danced with the locals with a ceremony the next day, again held and lead by the 4 shamans.  A celebration of the feminine energy.

So along with the misty mountains around us which we saw the gloriuos beauty of when the clouds cleared.  We were up so high we were living in the clouds.  I can't really put into words my experiences with the shamans as it was all so fantastic, and words wouldn't do it justice.  It was profound I like everyone else had my turn and we didn't ask a question where told what was happening that needed to be sorted for each of us.  My information was a suprise to me, well sort of and it made sense I had a negative nasty spirit attached to me.  Lordy lord wonder where I had got that from, he than answered my question with you went west and spent a lot of money there.  Oh ok that pinpointed it for me.  Thankfully the spirit was removed and my vitality and health have been returning, I am so very grateful.  As I do depossession work I can understand the subtlities and the ongoing bombardment a possessing spirt can give us, to make us doubt, hate, fight, fear and make us very very ill, attaching into our addictions and the like.  To be free is well liberating.

We visited other shamans in their houses along with people of Nepal, it was interesting to be so welcomed without judgement; and such a eye opener to witness this.  Delightful too.  More information was passed to each of us and some had cermonies to do very detailed ceremonies in some cases.  Again much gratitude to the 2 female grandmother shamans who invited and welcomed us into their homes.  I have now been home for a month and I am just touching upon some points, i feel clean and refreshed. I will blog more there is so much to share of my experiences.  I will be going again and enjoying this sacred shamanic pilgrimage.  Many blessings and thanks for reading.  PS if your reading this and interested in going to Nepal on a similar journey I am more than happy to share the details etc.


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