The Rear Window View.
I live along the canal and have an amazing hedge between the canal path and my garden.  This hedge is full of wonders for me, perhaps its simplicity others don't understand.  I have never been able to go for long periods of 5 minutes in meditation with my eyes shut, a fact i hear is common for many, even buddhists monks I am told, a very happy to hear.  I sit on my bed looking out into the hedge at my back garden, watching the birds, the little fire crest wren in the pine tree, the other wren darts from tree to bush to hedge.  Sometimes shouting warnings loudly about the cat being in the garden, often this cry is taken up by the every noisy crows and magpies, who then all hop along through the hawthorne and elder to find the intruder, who in reality is no intruder she lives here.  I love the way the sparrows become boisterious and loud over the seeds hanging out on the washing lines.  The song of the blackbirds always helps peace return and to me is pure nectar of the ears, there is no sound in the world as beautiful as birdsong.  You can close your eyes and drift along to the melody of the song gifted us from the creator.  Add to that the sweet scent of the Elder flowers and the flowers of the privet hedge, life becomes truly wonderous, I can then feel the deep seated peace within my heart, mind and soul.  All this without the mind jumping all over the place.  I watch the breeze play through the sycamore tree, I am exhiarated by the winds power blowing the tres around along with being amused at the way the Giant wood pidgeons cling on.  The peace and beauty of a small piece of land that I am every grateful for the view of.  As I write this it is another grey wet day in Scotland and i can hear the gentle cheeping of the sparrows still hiding in the hedge sheltering from the recent rain.  Wishing everyone the deep peace i have from looking out my bedroom window, I feel the world needs more of this.


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