Why should I pay for healing work?

This is a question I hear ,thrown, in some cases at me quite often. Healing should be free. Well when we are healing and doing our own spiritual work it is. Sometimes we hand it over to someone who has trained in a particular area, like myself for shamanic methods of healing like power retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction, depossession to name some. I paid well in the many thousands for my training to be a shamanic practitioner and then paid to be a shamanic teacher. I accepted this, I also paid to be a Breathwork practitioner again thousands although I have never had a client for this and again likewise with Reiki. If I want my hair cut I pay a hairdresser, a good hairdresser is vital to most people. If I want a massage I pay for a qualified person to give me a massage. Or we can have an energy exchange; and swap therapies. I find that people often do not follow through on honouring their end of the exchange, is 2 days teaching for free where I also provide heat, food and teas acceptable? Is coming along for one or many healing sessions with nothing in exchange really acceptable? Does it honour a persons work?

Why would you not want to pay in some way for this work, I ask that energy is exchanged, so if I teach you for 10 hours of my time I would expect 10 hours of your time in some way. Only far I think. So why do so many people complain about paying for healing? Healing the trauma and the hurts, wounds, grieff and abuses of the past. Regaining our vital life force essence in a power or soul retrieval. I often think well is it really necessary for you to pay £70 for your hair cut, or £25 for your eyebrows to be plucked, or however much for the leg wax. These seem to be willingly paid for so we look good on the outside yet are crying and hurt on the inside but that should be free, seems to be the opiion of many. How about the fact I also pay the shamans I work with in money, they then share this much needed resource out amongst their communities. The poverty that is relieved slightly with my fee that I charge you, that a Naitve American Medicine Person takes into their community when I repectfully pay them for their teachings and healings and helps feed them. Likewise with the Peruvian shamans of the Andes and the Amazon jungle I have respectfully paid. The Nepalese people who had thousands stolen from them via charities when they were hit with the Earthquake in 2015, gratefully recieve the money i pay in return for visiting the shaman for healing, and teaching. The young girls who are finaced to go to school via my fee instead of ending up in the sex trade industry. The women from Uganda who are in poverty desperately needing the finances I sent to help empower themselves out of the poverty. A favorite charity of mine I donate to often is Free the Bears, this woman does amazing work for these beautiful creatures and needs to be able to feed and shelter them, rehabilitate and nurture them; along with the vet bills who do not do it for free. A few things to ponder over when we question the fee we are paying for healing work, we rightly want to look fabulous on the outside, so why do we not want to feel just as fabulous on the inside to. Until we losen our grip on money and are willing to go back to trading with each other then I have to have an energy exchange for my time, this is normally a fee. I understand also that there are people over charging and won't do any healing work for nothing, that is something they have to look at themselves as to why they are doing that, I can not speak for other people I am only responsible for myself.

I learned a hard lesson with charging people as I used to also think healing work should be free, until I became seriously ill twice in 3 years and heard nothing form any of the people who I had given 1, 2 or many free shamanic sessions to and some of these people had quite a few free sessions from me. I never recieved anything back from them in my time of need; no phone calls, no texts no emails definately no offer of shamanic healing; sadly they went on to the next person who could give them a free session. Lessons learned I'm not angry or upset at them they taught me a valuable lesson in honouring myself fully and always have a fair exchange of energy. I am always happy to put names on my altar for free and I give lots of advice and help to people for nothing when I could refer them to my mentoring service, its as always about balance, self love and self respect.  We in truth all have bills to pay one way or another or have to feed ourselves, I hope someday soon we can all see the material world of cherishing money above all else for what it is, money in truth is just energy and it depends how important it is in each of our lives.  


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